5 Simple Tips To Make Your Wooden Furniture More Durable

Though many artificial materials have found place and appeal for home furniture no one can replace wood. Most of us have wooden furniture at home may be a chair, dining table, hummock furniture, daybed, headboard or a sofa set.

But after a time wood lose its sheen. Reason? Your up-keeping is not up-to-the-standard it requires. Buy it always from reputed Home Furniture Manufacturers, to invest in the right quality. Though different types of wood require different types of up-keeping, so, here are some generalized tips that can be applied to all furniture.

Save It From Oil: Best way to save the furniture from oil is that you keep the kitchen items in kitchen. There are oil absorbents available in the market which you can buy if you have accidentally poured any oil on your loved furniture.

Paint It To Protect: Use a coat of fresh paints that can protect your furniture from water caught through sweeping or washing. Using a color resembling the color of furniture will not reduce the beauty of your furniture.

Apply Fillers To Fill The Scratches: Though you avoid scratches to your furniture, as much as possible, it gets some scratches while children are playing games. Take some wood filler from market and fill all the scratches to avoid further damage.

Always Use Furniture Oils: You can use olive oil, lemon juice or other such furniture oils especially available for wooden furniture. It will remove the dust and make it more glossy and slippery so that any liquid fell on it will roll down easily.

Avoid Cleaners That Can Damage Shine Of Wood: There are some woods, which are very delicate. It reacts with hard bases or may be acids that are used in cleaning materials. So, avoid cleaners that can damage the shine of wood.

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