The 1916 Giants Winning Streak
Joe Posnanski

Nice argument, & you’ve changed my mind on a lot of things over the years Poz, but this time I’m not convinced. The 2016 Giants 26 game streak is definitely an unbeaten streak & definitely not a 26 game winning streak, even if it’s officially called a winning streak. If that tie game was less than 5 innings, then it wouldn’t count in any way — not the stats nor the result.

Since the tie game went longer than 5 (thus an official game), and the player stats count for it (because it’s an official game), then it breaks up the winning streak. The tie game’s not reflected in the standings because baseball doesn’t keep track of ANY tie games in the standings. The fact they played a make-up game, is ONLY for the standings sake, since the player stats for the tie game weren’t replaced by the stats of the make-up game. Saying the tie game doesn’t count as a real game, but the stats for do, means there’s 2 sets of stats for the same game. That wouldn’t make any sense.

This in no way diminishes the beauty & impressiveness of the 1916 Giants streak. A 26 game unbeaten streak is amazing. Nobody’s come closer to it yet than the 1935 Cubs & 2017 Indians.

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