I was watching some documentaries and news about recent Rohingya crisis in Myanmar. Buddhist monks and people, who are known to be most non-violent religion in the world, massacring muslim minority in Myanmar. Made me think what makes people to perform such atrocities against humanity? Also its clearly doesn’t depend on any particular religion.

In past there were so many examples such this, sometimes its because of religion, sometimes power , politics and list goes on.

These problems are not as simple as to blame a particular group of people. These are deep rooted in us. May be in a way related to Survival of the fittest theory. Hunger and poverty makes people do terrible things. At the end, everyone searching for a good life and secure future. As human sometimes its just easier and convenient for us to blame things on others, when you are from a poor country, not well educated and searching for only basic survival, you will believe your leader who just blames his disability to perform, on a group. You will act on these, and hope future will be bright. In reality you will get a never-ending string of hatred and war. Look at the Central African countries.

Then there will be people who will use these hatred to gain profit.

Racism, Ethnic Cleansing, war between religion etc all are there for only one reason, Human Insecurity amplified. Unless and until people are well educated, well fed, and have some kind of bigger purpose, these problems will continue.

As human we are capable of love. In any kind of conflict when world sides with a particular group, the other side becomes more insecure, vulnerable hence more violent. Killing another human being is hard, soul shattering, Only love and compassion can bring these killers back to the mainstream society. So lets not conclude to any quick judgement and be compassionate about everyone.