Profile for Peace — ISI’s attempt to spread “soft terror” under Aman Ki Asha 2?

Profile for Peace — ISI’s attempt to spread “soft terror” under Aman Ki Asha 2?

Let me cut to the chase. Who decides things in Pakistan? The civilian government certainly doesn’t. The military does. Who carries out ceasefire violations on the border? Who trains & sends in terrorists? The military-jihadi complex or military or ISI- whatever you call it, that hydra-headed monster. Recall these images?

I didn’t write anything but chose to show you images from media reports as our photographic memory is better. I didn’t even go to its past activities- 1994 Mumbai blasts, sponsored terror in Kashmir that led to the Kashmiri Pandit exodus, etc. Now let’s not forget that the civilian administration in Pakistan is no better- “A Pakistan court has banned release of Kabir Khan’sPhantom starring Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif on a plea filed by 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed.” Pakistan is basically a country run by Punjabi Sunni elite. Sunni Muslim Pashtun, Baloch, Sindhi have no rights. Am not going into details of Shia genocide in Sindh, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Or the genocide of Baloch. Or the oppression of Sunni Muslim Mohajirs in Karachi- who contribute to the major part of Pakistan’s GDP. But that is Pakistan’s internal dynamics, let me examine in brief its relation with its neighbours.

The Islamic state of Pakistan doesn’t have good relations with either of its Islamic neighbours Afghanistan or Iran. And the reason is because it trains & pushes in terrorists into their territory. Sounds familiar? Yes, they do the same to India. It isn’t about religion here, unlike what the journalists in India (and Pakistan) would want you to believe.

“Talks and terror can’t go together.” Can you tell me whose words these are? PM Modi? Foreign(EA) Minister Sushma Swaraj? What if I told you that these words are not of an Indian? These are the words of the Afghan National Security Adviser. Indian media keeps us ignorant of facts in the neighbourhood. And as for civilians I have an exhibit for you:

This after Kunduz was attacked by Taliban! Now I’ll take you to some more details about the Profile for Peace campaign. Look at one of the most RTed tweets on the # :

Now look at other tweets by that person-

You can find all these tweets listed in this collection-

Don’t you feel you’re gullible? I’ll detail some such profiles in detail after the article for those who are interested after he main article.

Some of the tweets blames India & RAW for terror in Pakistan, promotes separatism in India and so on. Do you think the army has a thankless job? Yes. But there are people who have a more thankless job, the “invisibles” in RAW. Why do they sacrifice their lives, stay away from their families for years at an end, sometimes never to return, torture in dark dungeons? So that we have a peaceful life.

In my opinion this campaign has a single aim — to “bleed your hearts by thousand cuts”. This is the propaganda version of Pakistan’s covert war to “bleed us by thousand cuts”. How? Once the bonhomie starts the moderates will be shared pics of “Indian army brutality” in Kashmir, in northeast, in Punjab, etc. Each communal scuffle will be used as a propaganda tool. Point out of genocide of Shias, Hindus, Baloch or human rights violations in Karachi, Pakistan occupied Kashmir or Gilgit-Baltistan and the blame will be shifted on the home-bred terror groups & on certain occasions (when whitewashing isn’t possible) on rogue elements in the Pakistani army. In the Indian case the whole military & civilian establishment will be blamed in such a subtle manner than many in India will follow suit. Any attack on India by terrorists will be equated with those on Pakistan. But the terror attacks on both India & Pakistan originate in Pakistan itself. So its a false equivalence. Attempts will also be made to blame RAW for attacks in Pakistan, like was tried with the Peshawar attack. This i called psychological warfare or unconventional (information) warfare. Social media is a tool that makes it easy for covert action of “bleeding hearts”. Beware of the trojan horses & I’ll end by saying- cheering in cinema halls when watching Baby, Holiday or Border & then criticising the same military or RAW men is sheer stupidity for common men & hypocrisy for the media persons and other intellectuals who run such campaigns knowing fully well its implications.

For those who are interested the detailed analysis of some such profiles:

This id ( ) is one of many run by ISI Cyber Team, some in coordination with the hate-monger journalist Ahmad Qureshi. Here’s a small list for you:


There’s one twitter profile you won’t believe is ISI- even Indian mainstream media quotes it on Balochistan related news-

Hence I present proofs about

A facebook chat with a Baloch activist Its in Balochi but you can ask any Baloch its meaning if you don’t believe the translation I provide:

Translations here- (the person speaks in broken Balochi mixed with Urdu, hence you might understand many words):

Z-Banuk Zaina Baloch

B- Beebagr

  1. Z: Do you know Balach ( ), Faiz( ) & Pirdhan ( ) are trying to defame me?
  2. B: Why?
  3. Z: Don’t know why Balach is. Pirdhan asked for my phone number
  4. B: He asked your phone number?
  5. Z: Yes, Pirdhan asked for my phone number
  6. B: No one knows you personally. That might be the reason they are criticising you. Because the enemy (ISI) can also take advantage of such a situation. Is there any Baloch who knows you personally?
  7. Z: You know that I’ve never spoken in favour of Pakistan. The 3 of them are calling me an ISI agent. Please help me on twitter by convincing them
  8. B: Sister, I am ready to help you but I do not know you personally. Then how can I speak in your favour? If someone asks me why I am speaking in your favour, I’’ll be left with no answers
  9. Z: These people have insulted me. I am also struggling for independence of Balochistan
  10. B: But how do i speak in your favour? I do not know you. Maybe I am wrong (you could be Baloch) but I cannot help you. Tell me how can i help you?
  11. Z: You could tweet or DM them & ask them not to continue this behaviour. I am troubled by it
  12. B: But I do not know you. Had I known you then I would have helped you. If you give some introduction (or reference of introduction). Tell me does any Baloch know you, or a Baloch belonging to a political party? Do you belong to a Baloch political party? Then I can speak in your favour, else please spare me.

Not only that, ISIS in Afghanistan or Pakistan (which is basically ISI terrorist proxies) are also some of the people used in such propaganda.

This is interesting as she claims to live in Iranian part of Balochistan, advocates for freedom of Pakistani part & speaks against those struggling for the same. It proves that her claims of being an Baloch from Iran are just to gain access to Baloch activists in Pakistan to get information- activities, location, etc. to pre-empt protests & kill them.