A must-have Magento Review Extension for better Customer Experience

In today’s digital era and emergence of an online market, customers are highly cautious about knowing the product better before they move forward to buying the same. Your presence online lets you appear to the customers but you need to enable communication about your products and services to them. Customer reviews hold a significant consideration in order to sell your products smoothly. The reviews received from shoppers help others identify more about your products and creates a trust on buying the same. The reviews written by the previous customers act as advocates for the new ones in order let them know about your products.

Magento Review Extension

Further, there are a number of benefits for the company too in terms of understanding your customers. The reviews help you know what shoppers liked about the product and what were the complaints they had. It thus, helps you improve your product or services. Reviews are the only method that let you easily measure the customer satisfaction. The reviews further act as actionable insights to create better customer involvements and retention.

How to get Customer Reviews on Magento Platform?

Magento got lot of attention from developer and merchant community when it comes to web shops, or to put it more robustly, when it comes to eCommerce platforms. Now the major issue here arises is how to get more product reviews? In order to generate customer reviews and ask them to take out some time in evaluating their purchases, a number of efforts are required from the company’s side. Give your buyers a space to write. Ask them to review the products in the particular field else they would simply ignore. Companies tend even to incentivise buyers to get reviews. Make sure you respond to each of them. Moreover, never fuss on the bad reviews. Accept them and try to understand the problem.

The major factor here arises is giving people a simplicity to write their reviews. Here is where Magento has a review and rating extension called Avejana that can help your e-commerce website to boost your sales. The extension lets you give space for the customers to write reviews. It is one of the highly recommended extensions to create better customer involvements.

Avejana is a software that helps you collect rating and reviews. It is a smart software letting you convert the feedbacks to a source of your conversions and sales. It helps you generate more and more reviews, let customers know about your product and services and ultimately get you the necessary conversions and sales.

Having the Avejana extension has a number of benefits. Let us find out how e-commerce websites shall be benefitted:

Faster decision making

The extension lets you collect reviews and ratings. This allows the customers understand the experiences of the previous customer ultimately letting the customer make a decision based upon the review. Thus, the reviews added by the verified customers can influence the purchasing decision of the customers.

The customer tends to create a trust on your services with the reviews. Now that he knows about the experiences people had using the same product previously, there is trust and safety he tends to create.

Engage customers and grow sales

The reviews are an ultimate source of engaging customers and enhancing sales based on learning prior experiences of the shoppers.

Final word

Avejana being the best Majento review extension helps you generate reviews that ultimately drives traffic, increase CTR ultimately boosting up sales on your e-commerce website.