A TrustPilot Competitor that Generates 1000% More Reviews!

Dipesh Rai
Jul 15, 2017 · 4 min read

If you are contemplating subscribing to Trustpilot you better check out this amazing Trustpilot competitor AveJana. AveJana is a Trustpilot competitors that not just generates more reviews than Trustpilot, but generates up to 1000% more reviews than Trustpilot.

4 Questions to ask before choosing a Review Software.
. Who owns the Reviews? — In any review system you should be the owner of the reviews. You are paying for the service so why should anyone else own it. AveJana gives you complete ownership of your reviews. You can export them anytime in CSV, Excel or PDF format.

B. Who Controls the Reviews? — The reviews belong to you and your business. You should control the reviews. Many times competitors will willfully add negative reviews. This becomes more prevalent just before a big sale season like Christmas. In this case the only option available to you is to approach the third party controlling your reviews and ask them for action. However, the third party will take its own sweet time and will work according to its own policies. In most such cases the negative review may never be removed itself. Even if it is, the time take to remove it would have done the damage and Sale season would have been lost.

C. Where does the Traffic go? –Reviews are very rich in long tail keywords as we will discuss later in this article. They drive a lot of traffic to the site hosting them. If your reviews reside on some other website then the traffic is all going there. And you are losing a ton of traffic. With Avejana, the reviews reside on your website and therefore the traffic too comes to your website.

D. How many reviews can it generate? — If you send 1000 review requests, only a few of them will end up giving you review. You should therefore need to find a review engine that will use state of the art technology to generate more reviews. AveJana is a Trustpilot competitors that will beat it hands down in terms of review generation.

AveJana Generates up to 10x More Reviews.

Sign-Up With Avejana and start your Free Trial #No credit card required
AveJana is the most powerful review generation engine that I have come across in a long time. It can generate up to 10 times more reviews than Trustpilot. It uses what it calls its signature Inmail Form Technology which makes it a deadly competitor of Trustpilot. With this technology your customers can add their reviews within the review invitation email itself. Since the customers are not taken to a third page after clicking a ‘link’, the number drop offs are much lower. The number of reviews thus generated is much much higher. Think about it. How many times have you decided to give a good review yourself and clicked a link in a review invitation email and then the link took 10 seconds to open up. There is a good chance that you then just left it. 10 seconds in this business of review generation is an eternity. Now imagine that you receive and email invitation and you can write the review in that mail itself and submit it. Is that not so easy? Well that is what AveJana does. It therefore generates tons and tons of reviews for online stores.

Show Reviews Easily
Once thereviews are generated they come to the Avejana dashboard in your AveJana Account. From there you decide which reviews get published and when. AveJana saves you from a lot of spam and negative reviews added by your competitors which otherwise get published on third-party websites like Trustpilot. Once the reviews are published they can be shown on your website easily with the help of a number of easy to use review widgets.

The main Avejana widget an Inline with SEOtechnology widget. This widget makes it super easy for search engines to crawl your reviews. Reviews are very rich in long tail keywords and 70% of all global search queries are long tail. Therefore, this Trustpilot competitors opens up your store to potentially thousands of long tail keywords.

It also provides Google Rich Snippets.
It is also rich snippets compliant. Your pages show up in search results with their review stars and ratings. This helps you stand out in search results and get more qualified traffic, higher conversions and higher sales.

Get higher SEO ranks.
Since the reviews load as a part of the page, fresh contents keeps on getting added to your pages as new reviews pour in. This keeps the search engines interested in your website and helps in improving the overall SEO rank of your website.

It is a true Trustpilot competitor and beats it hands down even in Pricing.
Avejana is an amazing Trustpilot competitors and not only does it beat Trustpilot hands down in terms of features and quality of the solution, but also in terms of pricing. Avejana is available add a fraction of the TrustPilot Price and also does not require you to pay up annually. You can subscribe and pay monthly.

No wonder more and more people have been switching to Avejana over the last few months.

Interested? Take a look at this link and sign up for a Free Trial. Go ahead and generate tons of reviews, improve your conversion rates, improve sales and generate more traffic for your store Now.

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