The Physics Of The Future by Michio Kaku

This is a book review, I don’t have a formal education in physics, but I am deeply interested how technology will look in the future. This book is about the future of technology and it’s practical application in the real world. This work is not merely a speculative work, there are prototypes of many of the technologies describe in the book. If you’re a philosopher, business person, aspiring doctor, and computer scientist this book will give you future work and substantial material to work with.

Not what I was expecting but occasionally amusing. I understand the author wrote it for the general audience, who don’t have the expertise he does, however, his writing is conflated and over the top. If you’re interested in the future of Physics, I would recommend that you search up each technological breakthrough and read additional material on the internet. He has a BBC series perhaps, watching the series would be a better route. New technologies have to be seen; otherwise, they lose their aesthetic pleasure to them. Introducing a new technology has to be aesthetic pleasing, morally accountable, and efficient. Artificial intelligence always seems to go ahead of itself, and because of it — it suffered funding in 1974. I only got the book because I wanted a general idea what the future may look like and to some extent it successfully achieved this. If you wish to read it, I would highly recommend that you skim through the chapters.

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