Looks like I found my Samantha (sort of)

Since, I started to earn, I’ve always favored Apple’s stuff over any other. Macbook, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iThis, iThat, just because, even though I’m a developer I find it really convenient to use. Because, of this you can guess I use iCloud for my photos and other backups. I’ve never bothered to take a look at any other options.But, recently due to a Google fanboy friend I came across Google Photos (I mean, I always knew about it, just never used it.).

I took a trip to Mt. Fuji with some friends and one of them put all of our photos to a Google Photos shared album. So, I installed it’s app on my iPhone and gave access to all my photos (because, I can never resist hitting ‘yes’ on a pop up notification). At the end of the day, it created some awesome stuff like this by going through my photos,

Taken from Osanbashi Pier of Yokohama

Now let me tell you, this image was created automatically. I did zero editing for it. This is the original image:

Here’s another one,

Mt. Mitake Tokyo

It also created some animations,

Ueno Zoo, Tokyo
Ueno Zoo, Tokyo
Ueno Zoo, Tokyo
Ueno Zoo, Tokyo

Some Harry Potter universe style photos like this,

At Fuji-Q HIghland, Yamanashi
Mt. Mitake

Some panoramas,

Mt. Mitake, Tokyo
Tokyo National Museum, Ueno

Again, the above animations and panoramas were not created or taken by me. They were created by Google Photos Assistant by carefully choosing photos from album automatically. This exactly what I want from an AI if it’s collecting my data, create something beautiful from it. How cool is this for an AI, right?! I think it’s so cool, that it’ll make Will Smith change his mind about robots and symphonies.

Will Smith in iRobot when a NS-5 told him the best joke he has heard in lifetime.

Let’s admit it, sharing photos ‘as they are’ is no more a thing. Everyone spends hours choosing best filters for their photos. Well my app just saved me that time, except an voice like of Scarlet Johansson, what do I want more from it?