New Chapter: How I found my work “Home”

As I mentioned in my previous post, “The Close of a Chapter”, I would reveal my new work “home” once the time was appropriate. That time is now. I am excited to announce I will be joining Amplitude Analytics and have been given the privilege to be their head of marketing.

Now that we got that out of the way, I wanted to share a few things I asked myself when considering joining Amplitude that could be helpful to anyone else looking to make a job change. There are three aspects of any company that should heavily impact your decision: the company, the technology and the people.

Thus, when I was approached about Amplitude there were two questions I wanted answered about the company:

  1. What makes this company stand out?
  2. Are there any red flags about the company?

So what makes Amplitude stand out? The mobile analytics space is hot and in demand, so I reached out to people in my network who had experience in the space to ask if they’d heard of this company. Everyone I talked to said that Amplitude has a great team in Spenser and Curtis, and they had a pretty solid UI. Question one was answered very positively in more ways than one!

What about the company could be considered red flags? I once again reached out to my network and there were clear answers: There are a lot of competitors, and it’s tough to sell. Being in the storage industry with so much competition for so long this didn’t worry me as much but the tough to sell was something I was concerned about. That’s why during the interview process I asked about their revenue, who their customers were, and what the sales cycle was. As I talked through this point, it became apparent that this product was standing out to customers. As with any new product, it is hard to sell, but there seemed to be a market fit which alleviated my concerns.

As I mentioned earlier, the second key aspect of evaluating a company was its technology. As there was a lot of competition in this space, did Amplitude have a product that was better, faster and cheaper than the rest? If “yes,” it was going to be much easier to scale this company over time.

Thus the question was: Is Amplitude’s technology better than the competition? This was something that I dug into more during the interviews and found out that that the underlying distributed storage architecture was a key advantage. The architecture allowed the company to scale mobile event tracking at ease for their customers without resulting in bottlenecks. Better technology? YES

Is it faster than the competitors? This was a more difficult question to answer during the interview process as I needed customer feedback. Thus I leveraged my network to get an answer by finding a few customers who were using Amplitude and asking them about the performance. All of them were enamored with how quick the UI was at getting information compared to competitors they used previously at the scale of data they had. Faster? YES

Is it cheaper than competitors? This question was the easiest to answer in my view, as the more I spoke with my network the clearer it became that the scale Amplitude offers for its price, 1/10th the cost of the biggest competitor (MixPanel), was significantly cheaper. And price is something customers are constantly looking at while scaling their data (much like storage). Cheaper? YES

Now that I had all these data points about the company, there was one thing left I really had to ask myself: Was I excited about the people? The answer to that was also a resounding yes.

The company and technology were great, but it was the people that really sold me on Amplitude. Just being in the office during the interview process gave me a clear picture of the culture. The team is always transparent with everyone, they put the customer first by taking feedback into account to ensure the product was going to grow with the customer, and the vision for the company is clear: Be the best mobile analytics platform.

So yes, I am very excited about this next chapter, in finding my work “home” with Amplitude. I am excited about the technology, the company and the people. If you have any questions about Amplitude or need career advice shoot me an email: and I will be sure to get back to you!