Most Eggscellent Easter Marketing Campaigns Ever Made

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Mar 30, 2018 · 6 min read

It’s that time of the year again!

While most people are preparing their Easter eggs and bunnies to celebrate the holiday, it’s also an opportune time for you to get creative and use the season to hook your customers back to your brand.

The question is, are you up for it? Will your Easter marketing initiatives give you the results you are expecting this season?

An effective marketing campaign varies from occasion to occasion. The same goes for the tools you use to run your campaigns — what was effective on social media might yield a different result when you migrate it to your website.

With the second largest season now on the upswing, you should be able to tap right into your consumers’ doorsteps, as they are willing to shell out an average of $152 just to ride the celebrations.

If you can’t get their attention, your competitors will — and that’s a huge opportunity you’re bound to miss if you don’t act now.

If you don’t have any idea where to start, we’re giving you an overview of some of the winning Easter marketing campaigns that went above and beyond the holidays.

Now, let’s get the eggs rolling.



Going over-the-top means using very crazy ideas to mimic an ordinary huge edifice into something more edible — that is, in a form of a chocolate.

Carlsberg is a world-renowned brewery company that created an eatable office outside the Old Truman Brewery in London’s Shoreditch. Disguised as a giant chocolate bar, the five meters wide, three meters high, and two meters deep pop-up bar attracted passersby to check out its purely chocolate bar stool and fake TV.

The ‘If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bar’ is part of the #IfCarlsbergDid campaign for Easter.

According to the senior brand manager of Carlsberg UK Dharmesh Rana, Easter was the big beer-drinking season for its consumers, and the company just raised the ‘bar’ by creating an out-of-this-world chocolate bar stunt.

The idea was ridiculously unique, serving Carlsberg beer on a chocolate glass. Chocolate? Carlsberg’s beer made it even better.

Augmented Reality Easter Egg Hunt


Let’s face it: parents don’t have the luxury of time to be present at the house round-the-clock since they have to go to work.

Recall Studios addressed this common scenario using a new augmented reality (AR) mobile app. With the help of Apple’s ARkit, the AR Hide & Seek app allows parents to play with their children on a premise that they hide photos of friends and family inside the house, adding 3D animals and objects into the mix.

Once parents do this, the child must use the AR-enabled Apple phone or any Apple device to find the missing objects.

This app, which is set to launch this Easter, will come with a 3D Easter-related package to let children search for eggsciting creatures like the Easter bunny, baby chicks, as well as Easter eggs.

What makes this campaign effective is it helped keep families intact by allowing parents to play with their kids even when they are far from home. The game is very interactive, and it’s fresh-off-the-oven.

Co-operative Eggsperiment

The Co-operative Food launched their Good Egg campaign in 2016 with an attempt to inspire people to do good deeds or celebrate the ‘good eggs’ through a series of online videos that are caught using hidden cameras.

Coined as the ‘eggsperiments,’ this eight-video campaign showed real-life scenarios that showcased the good deeds random people did to help strangers.

Dealing away with the usual Easter bunnies and eggs, the integrated campaign aims to celebrate small acts of random kindness, reminding everyone the value of doing good towards strangers.

The video was uploaded on social media sites and easily grabbed the public’s attention, because they cut straight to the action and have multiple storylines. It’s so good, people not only liked nor shared, but also tagged their loved ones to find their ‘Good Eggs.’

#CraftyEggs — User Generated Content


Content marketing is gaining ground as a very effective marketing strategy to keep customers engaged and attract new ones into your business.

In 2014, Mashable created its #CraftyEggs campaign to let everyone decorate their Easter eggs for its weekly Vine challenge.

The mechanics was very simple: let the public send a video showing how they decorated their Easter eggs, and then upload their entries on social media using the hashtag #CraftyEggs.

Mashable uploaded the most creative entries in a follow-up post, generating more content to their social media platforms without the added effort.

Thorntons’ Ultimate Guide to Easter Eggs

Since Easter is best known as the season of giving, Thorntons created a way to ride the occasion using its usual public favorite product: chocolate.

Thorntons worked with Cogent Elliott and CGI Specialists at Junction 11 to roll out its gamified, interactive chocolate factory, which aims to give consumers an overview on how the chocolatier does its egg product process.

According to John Rowley, Thorntons’ search manager, this campaign created content and a spectacular experiential drive showcasing the brand’s craftsmanship in relation to the manufacturing of their Easter eggs.

What’s great about this marketing initiative is it added another layer to the company’s online visibility, creating a whole new digital experience to customers that are hungry to know how Thorntons worked their way to bring Easter egg chocolates to their tables.

Virtual Easter Egg hunt

Joining the VR trend is Freefly VR, which pumped up its website by asking its visitors to find brightly colored eggs hidden in its pages.

Collecting all eggs will earn the visitor a 15% discount as a holiday gift. This campaign is effective because it gives customers the intent to open as many pages in your website as possible without being forced to do so.

That’s a sure increase in web traffic without the need to bombard your customers with social media posts to redirect them to your website especially during the holidays.

Egg-citing Easter email marketing

E-mail monks helped Personal Creations layout a personalized e-mail that features its Easter sale offers.

What made it stand out among the rest is its very catchy copy complemented with GIF animation of its latest sale offers.

If you have an existing campaign during this season, pump it up with e-mail marketing efforts to lead them back to your site and generate sales leads. After all, nearly 27% of people have already made their purchase online for Easter alone, so you don’t want to miss that out.

Diesel’s ‘Keep the World Flawed’

Last but not least, Diesel’s campaign video is beyond what your eyes can see: it contains hidden clues for viewers to stay hooked.

The satirical video tells us the story of a boy and a girl who crossed paths after stripping off their physical flaws.

In the various frames of the video, digital ‘Easter eggs’ can be found hidden, with web addresses and social media handles like @wantedsocks, leading viewers to an Instagram account that sells mismatched Diesel socks, for example.

The campaign aims to celebrate human flaws and imperfections, as well as promote its 2018 Spring-Summer Collection.

Easter is one of the biggest seasons when brands go head-to-head to catch your customers. From running your own pop up store to boosting e-mail marketing campaigns, you can play around to create more unique programs that engage customers, build brand awareness and ultimately, generate sales.

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