A Silenced Voice Is No Voice At All

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We are silenced by fear. Afraid to voice an opinion for fear of offending someone, we are systematically immobilizing ourselves. We think, but don’t speak. In the quest to embrace individualism, we are loosing an intricate piece of ourselves. We are becoming a society of victims. Stop coasting down this slippery slope. It is madness. We must break this polarizing trend by educating ourselves, making informed opinions, and using our voices.

Silence has become a defense. It is used to dodge words of hate which are too often hurtled through the air like daggers aimed to wound. Instead of using their minds to formulate rational thought and opinions based on knowledge and experience, many find it easier and convenient to accuse and label when faced with an opposing view.

These labels are dismissive. If a person doesn’t share the same belief or the same opinion then it is easy to write them off by labeling them as a [insert label here]. Obviously, there is no need to seriously evaluate their thought process or their reasoning because that person’s opinion isn’t valid. They are a [insert label here]. Slapping a label on people immediately discredits who they are, their point of view, and their stance on the current issue at hand. Living in fear of being labeled, we don’t offer an opinion lest we offend. We’ve trained ourselves to remain silent. However, a silenced voice is no voice at all. Allow yourself to be heard.

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Greetings from the road. Traveler, blogger, writer, and photographer. I live my own adventure. This blog is about my travels and musings about life.

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