We Are Infinite

Of all people, you are one of my favourites

Favourite people are a group of people whom you find them worth caring and loving. They come from different families, different cultures, and different countries. They might not even have an opportunity to meet them in real life. “They”, however, have something unique that some do not: they allow others to connect with them. As a city person myself who lives day-by-day trying to find the said people, it always comes down hard on me that they are not easy to come by.

It hurts to just realize it’s knowingly hard living in the city and actually meeting nice people who potentially become your favourite ones. You might ask me why it’s a thing. Do we all not meet “people” on daily basis? Yes, we do. Here comes an interesting part, no, we do not. They are not people, they are individuals who possess various personality and characteristics which can be friendly or hostile. Individualism plays a major role in society. What influences us to become individualistic is the fact that we are too fixated on ourselves. We get used to solitude, so much so we bury ourselves in fear of socialization.

It might sound paradoxical but nowadays competition noticeably becomes very popular in the cities. We get more competitive to ourselves, we are competing to be somebody, and of course, to be recognized. Much to our refusal to competition, we always feel the need to remain considerably competitive in order to be “existent” in society. A very one thing human beings hate is oblivion, we are afraid of being forgotten. By this reason, we create something commemorable such as statues, ceremonies, photos, notes, and anything else to reflect the days we have lived and met people in our lives. We create what we can share to other people so that they remember us when we perish from this world.

Surprisingly enough, the people I found on social media networks, gaming community, and language exchange websites are the ones I can connect to the most and they are totally benign. I also have some of my classmates I consider best friends. Although our professional lives might lessen our time to hang out, we still keep in touch, we usually gather together to things we love. As for those living so far away, we do certain activities online such as gaming, talking via Skype, writing to each other, that’s our virtual hang out. Regardless, it’s genuine and incredibly fun. A couple things that bring us closer together are that we are never afraid of sharing mutual interests and we care much enough to open our mind to new perspectives. Consequently, it brings us a sense of belonging. As our relationship grows, we become inseparable. Even thought we live a thousand miles away, we always continue sharing our passions and talk about them every once in a while. This even assures me that friendship is borderless.

As the city grows dark and every corner haunts you for being who you are, you find someone or some group of people (if you are lucky enough) who make you feel worthwhile again. Those who do might not live in your city, they live a thousand miles away, they could get to talk to you once in a while. Does it really matter if you meet people from the internet? Despite the fact that being taught to be aware of people on the internet is self-protective, it can also shut us out from opportunities to bond with other people who might become our good friends. In fact, real life people can be worse. How does that make it different then? Friendship should never have a boundary. What really matters is that you click with them, you share mutual interests with them and they actually “care”. Everybody wants to be nurtured, cared, and loved. If they have that characteristics, never let them go.

The bottom line is that I have found the group of people who I actually care about. Some do not live in my city, some do. They live so far away that sometimes it hurts to hope we could have lived nearer to one another. But that’s not a problem because they make me feel like we are so interconnected. They are the ones who care much enough to keep in touch and find every conceivable way to get me going through terrible moments. Of all people, they are my favourites. Finally, I just want to let them know by writing this article, that they have regained my faith in friendship, that there will always be light in even in the darkest corners of the city, most significantly, they make me feel infinite. And I'm wholeheartedly grateful for that.

Thank you, really.

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