What is the best hair treatment for new hair growth?

When you are prone to hair loss problem you need something that can guarantee new hair growth which will stay for lifetime. To this hair transplantation is the best and the only permanent solution. For best results you must go for Ahmedabad Hair Transplant.

Even when there is plenty of hair treatment available for treating hair loss problem only few can be trusted for satisfactory results. One can go for hair treatments like medicines, wigs, hair pieces, hair threading etc. Among all available hair treatments the hair specialist at Avenues only trust hair transplant for best solutions because hair transplant is much more advanced when compared to other existing results and it can be made clear from the successful results that it has managed to deliver in past years. It uses only the advanced technology and thus it is trusted by both hair doctors and patients when it comes to new hair growth.

Hair transplant have been successful in delivering best outcomes from its procedures and with its latest updates it has manage to provide much more enhanced and advanced results. With advancement in the field of hair transplantation Avenues clinic has also developed. In recent times Avenues has implemented all latest technologies and equipments that are required to provide advanced hair transplant procedure. It is because of this advanced procedures and technology of hair transplantation that avenues has managed to survive in the list of leading hair transplant center. It provides best Ahmedabad Hair Transplant and is the most trusted center for achieving new hair growth with advanced hair transplant procedures.

With Avenues you get advanced treatment with all the three types of hair transplantation such that new hair growth can be achieved in hair loss patients. Following are the hair loss treatment provided at Avenues:

  1. FUT — In follicular unit transplantation at Avenue a strip of skin is removed from the back of head scalp with specialized instrument. From this skin, grafts are prepared and then these grafts are delicately placed in the recipient areas.
  2. FUE — In follicular unit extraction hair follicles are removed one after the other from the hair bearing areas it is then placed delicately into the recipient area.
  3. PRP — In platelet rich plasma therapy little blood is taken out from the patient’s body using a thin needle. This blood is then treated into the centrifuge for separating prp from the remaining blood. After this prp with protein is injected into the recipient area for receiving hair growth.

It is the responsibility of a doctor at Ahmedabad Hair Transplant clinic to choose best suitable hair transplantation to eliminate the problem of hair loss. At Avenues you can be sure of receiving best treatment with best procedure and best results.

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