Resolving “Unspecified Error” in Visual Studio 2013

Have you ever witnessed the “Unspecified error” phenomenon while launching your solution in Visual Studio 2013? You know, the one where you repeatedly get the same error message and all you can do is press OK again and again until your fingers bleed and you decide to kill Visual Studio from the task manager. No? Then lucky you! Yes? Well, I don’t have any concrete answer for how to get rid of this highly informational error. All I can tell you is the “trick” I used to get rid of the widely feared beast called the “Unspecified Error”. Here is a pic of this beast in action from its most recent sighting:

Steps to follow (strictly in the specified order):

  1. Open up visual studio and launch your solution.
  2. Now this step is going to test your age and reflexes so buck up. Before you take your next breath press ‘Ctrl-Shift-B’.
  3. Pray that you don’t see the beast again and your solution builds as expected.

Now don’t fling curses over me if the above steps didn’t work for you. Shit happens!