Cult Mania: Inside the Attack on Bentinho Massaro: Part 2

Alexander Vera
Jan 29, 2018 · 24 min read

By Alexander Vera

Continued from: Cult Mania: Inside the Attack on Bentinho Massaro Part 1

Here is where Be Scofield shows her true colors. And her very limited understanding of spirituality and metaphysics. But I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. Either a) Scofield has about as much spiritual awareness as a goldfish. Or b) she is well aware that the conscious practice of interpreting all life events as ultimately positive, is profoundly life-changing and beneficial. But she is surreptitiously playing dumb in order to manufacture outrage and prey on readers who don’t understand basic metaphysical concepts. To what end you might ask? Perhaps to increase traffic to her page, make a name for herself. Or worse, to maliciously increase the collateral damage to Massaro, his relationships, and his organization. Maybe for no other reason than to destroy. I’ll leave that conclusion up to the readers.

6. Convince your devotees to lose themselves, abandon critical thinking and reframe everything as positive

This is where the Scofield Spin goes into overdrive. In the ultimate Hail Mary of the entire exposé, she actually attempts to paint Massaro’s teachings about reframing negative life events as positive, as the tool he uses to justify his verbal abuse towards his students. What? Napoleon Hill is rolling in his grave.

She writes:

“this teaching perfectly sets him up to verbally abuse his students while they are instructed to immediately turn it into a positive.”

I was actually shocked at the blatant spin she did here, because it was diabolical to the point of being reprehensible. Scofield logic: Take a basic, commonly accepted metaphysical principle (positive thinking) and spin it into something sinister in order to elicit outrage.

In the video, Massaro states:

“you have to program yourself to respond, and to appreciate every negative experience with an instantaneous positive safety net.” He goes on to say: “Everything needs to be seen or responded to with a positive appreciative attitude. If this is not pre-programmed in that way you will go down negative spirals and it will be harder to get back up in alignment.”

It’s obvious to anyone with two ears and a brain, that what Massaro is talking about here is attempting to interpret life circumstances and events as positive instead of negative. We’ve all heard the saying that nothing ever happens TO you, it happens FOR you. We’ve all been told to be positive, to think positive. Massaro is very clear with his teachings here. Which incidentally, are the same teachings of people like Deepak Chopra, Esther Hicks, Wayne Dyer, and even Oprah. But here Scofield preys on anyone with an IQ under 50. The kind of people who are unable to think critically for themselves and are just blindly willing to accept the negative interpretation that she spoon feeds her readers. She just reduces the video clip to it’s most volatile and outrageous interpretation to incite anger and outrage. And more-so, I’m stunned that Scofield takes this beautiful teaching and spins it to the unconscionable conclusion that he’s instructing his students to take his “verbal abuse” and immediately turn it into a positive. WTF? Cheap shot Scofield, really low blow. And well beneath the integrity of any rational journalist. Either Scofield is deeply pessimistic and delusional to the point of paranoia, or she’s manipulating her readers. I would advise her to seek therapy, or seek another means of getting attention and making a name for herself through means that don’t involve slander and defamation. Because this is not ok.

The Scofield Spin continues. She states:

“He takes this to its logical conclusion by attacking the very foundation of how we navigate and understand our world.”

Scofield would have you believe that Massaro is asking his attendees… sorry, “cult followers” to destroy all logic and reason so that he can get away with bloody murder. Horse shit.

“Witness yourself and see where you have these allegiances to logic, to reason, to linear description and simply start destroying these. No compassion. Just eradicate them. Completely destroy them. Roast those seeds.” -Bentinho Massaro

It’s unfortunate that I have to state the spiritually obvious, but the bullshit Scofield Spins is strong here so allow me to explain the point Massaro is trying to make. Logic and reason are the enemies of creativity, imagination, and accessing higher states of consciousness. Perhaps Scofield isn’t aware of the different psychological attributes between left brain and right brain thinking. Nutshell: One must silence the critical mind, in order to access the higher mind.

Why would anyone attend a spiritual workshop seeking spiritual awakening..and go there looking for concepts that are in total harmony with what mom and dad taught you? Does connecting to your higher self sound logical? Does deliberate manifestation or the law of attraction sound reasonable or logical to the average Joe? Does experiencing yourself as no-self, as simply awareness as the Buddha did sound like a logical experience? There’s a reason they don’t teach this stuff in high school. Who goes to a spiritual workshop to embrace logic? I’m not sure if Scofield is aware, but there is no religion or spiritual practice on earth that is predicated upon logic or reason. One must dismiss all logic and reason in order to master ANY spiritual pursuit, not just Massaro’s teachings. This happens to apply to all spiritual traditions.

7. Make dying easier

Scofield writes: “Bentinho tries to normalize dying”

Name one religion or spiritual practice that doesn’t mention death, dying, what might happen after death, or the death experience in general. You can’t. ALL religion and spiritual practices attempt to add certainty or present ideas surrounding the death experience. This is common sense. Anyone attending a spiritual retreat is either looking for answers, or looking to reinforce their current belief system. And according to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two, is death. So naturally, this is a fear that many spiritual practices strive to assist the individual in overcoming. Massaro’s point is that you can either fear death your entire life, or you can make peace with it and be excited about it. Too advanced for you Scofield? Too far out there? Try walking into one of the 400,000 churches spread across the U.S. I dare you to find one that doesn’t attempt to “normalize death.”

Scofield goes on to present two videos in her morbid “death” section. In the first video, what Massaro says is so benign that I don’t know why she even included it. In the video, Massaro states:

“we want to connect with humanity and create an enlightened civilization”

Scary stuff.

In the second video, Scofield takes the fear mongering route to make sure you’re terrified of this dangerous cult leader who “plants the seed that you should be excited for your death.” Oh Brother.

Massaro states:

“We are fearing more of life. So don’t fear death, be excited about it. No too excited, you have a job to perform here still. It’s still relevant for you to be here, but be absolutely excited.”

A spiritual teacher who teaches his students not to fear death? Shocking. Radical. And even more radical is the idea that one should be excited about it. Outrageous! Scofield is pissed. She doesn’t like spiritual teachings, or contemplating death. Because it’s mean, and rude, and it involves raising of the voice.

Hey kids, here’s Deepak Chopra preaching the exact same thing as Massaro. Heck, he’s devised an entire program focused solely on overcoming and transcending the fear of death. I smell cult, go get ’em Scofield.

8. Claim your teachings are so advanced, others cannot understand them

I’m going to place this one under the “no shit” category. Unless she’s playing dumb, Scofield shows that she has a really hard time with spirituality and metaphysics, and she shows how limited her knowledge is by disparaging Massaro’s most basic and novice teachings and spinning them into something sinister and maniacal. Where no such motives exist.

There is nothing inherently flawed or malicious in Massaro’s teachings. I was able to subscribe to the online course and go through it module by module to verify my suspicions. His teachings consist of first awakening the student to the awareness of who they really are, followed by empowering them with Law of Attraction teachings. The latter is a bit of Esther Hicks, Darryl Anka, and a dash of Carla Rueckert thrown in for good measure. Massaro does a noteworthy job of combining awakening, with law of attraction teachings. While each individual teaching is not new or particularly revolutionary, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. To the best of my knowledge, a complete view of awakening, spirituality and metaphysics has never been presented in this holistic manner. Which is a tremendous value for the dedicated pupil.

I have been researching spirituality and metaphysics since before Scofield learned how to read. And I speak from personal experience when I say that spirituality without metaphysics is dead. What’s the point of being an awakened being if your life is miserable and you can’t pay your bills? So you’re one with all that is and you meditate every day, but you hate your job and hate your life. Great. If you have no concept of why your life unfolds the way it does, or how your thoughts attract unto themselves, then you are only seeing part of the equation.

These concepts are not easy to grasp individually, especially if you’re new to spirituality or haven’t spent much time in the personal development section of a bookstore. And considering that Massaro presents both his spiritual teachings along with the metaphysics portion, it’s easy to see why he considers his teachings so advanced that most people can’t understand them. And that is as it should be. This path isn’t for everyone.

9. Promise salvation to your followers

Scofield Spin, back to her dirty tricks. Salvation? That’s not a term that I’ve heard Massaro use in any of the dozens of hours of lectures I’ve seen. Scofield carefully uses the word “salvation” here to conjure up images of cults, worship, and religion. This is quite simply, bullshit. My favorite author, Byron Katie, has made a career of helping people eliminate personal suffering. And has luckily avoided persecution from people like Scofield. She teaches people a simple process to allow them to see their pain and trauma from a different perspective. And in the process release grief, anger, resentment, suffering, and victimhood. Of all the new age authors, it’s the ones who have discovered techniques to end personal suffering that contribute most to society. These are the heroes of personal development. People like Byron Katie, Michael Singer, Robert Scheinfeld, Michael Brown, Cindy Teevens, just to name a few. And you know what? Bentinho Massaro should be added to that list as well. The end of personal suffering is not only a noble spiritual pursuit, but inherently compassionate. How anyone could take issue with that, is beyond me. If the end of personal suffering on earth is Scofield’s definition of salvation, sign me up.

10. Encourage your members to follow you wherever you live

You mean there’s a community of awakened individuals who practice love and kindness on a daily basis, who choose to live in the same vicinity? And their teacher invites them to join their community? What assholes! Super creepy. Why can’t they go work in a cubicle, live an an apartment and hate their lives like everyone else?

11. Promote government conspiracies & talk about aliens

Scofield doesn’t like aliens, not one bit. Alien conspiracies rank up there on her naughty list along with voice raising, cigars, Halloween costumes, and shirtless men. Obviously, not a fan of the alien “conspiracies.”

Here’s a conspiracy for you Scofield. Have you visited the FBI website lately?

Fact #1) As part of the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI has released a memo sent from FBI special agent Guy Hottel addressed to J. Edgar Hoover, 3 years after the Rosewell crash. This is now public record. The memo states:

“They [the saucers] were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter. Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only three feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture. Each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed fliers and test pilots.”

If it’s good enough for J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI it’s good enough for me. Now, is this an alien conspiracy? Or fact? Because it’s sitting there plain as day on the FBI website for all to see.

Scofield goes on to quote Massaro, and ridicule him for his assertion that alternate energy sources have been suppressed for 80 years:

“we haven’t needed fossil fuels for the last 80 years because we have anti-gravitic mechanisms…The Nazi’s won the war. The US government gave up their control, their governance so we would not be exposed to free energy devices. If free energy gets released, and we’re [Trinfinity corp] working on it, it changes everything. We’ve had free energy for 80 fucking years.”

Fact#2) We are 80–100 years behind in our evolution because of the systematic suppression of energy technologies since the turn of the century. We should have transitioned from fossil fuels decades ago, and the only reason we haven’t is because these technologies have been suppressed by the petrol and military industrial complex. If you need proof of that, look no further than the 4,000 energy patents held in secret by the U.S. patent office.

It’s common knowledge that Nikola Tesla invented wireless energy transmission at the turn of the century, as evidenced by Wardenclyffe Tower in 1901, which transmitted millions of volts of electricity through the air without wires. JP Morgan, his financier had contributed over $150,000 for the project. But when Morgan received word that Tesla was planning on creating a non-revenue generating form of free energy that could not be metered, he pulled funding. Morgan felt that Tesla had lost touch with reality and had no mind for business and finance. This was true. Had Tesla been successful in his vision and received the funding he needed, his energy towers would have been seen all over the world. Creating worldwide free energy and wireless communication by 1920. The only reason his plan never came to fruition, was because it could not be monetized. The day after Tesla’s death in 1942, the FBI immediately sent agents to seize two trucks full of his research so it never saw the light of day. In the released FBI memo below, the U.S. Department of Defense expressed interest in acquiring his research as seen here:

Department of Defense Tesla FBI Memo

To summarize, Nikola Tesla invented free energy devices at the turn of the century, and that technology was systematically suppressed by the petrol and industrial military complex. There is plenty of historical evidence to support this. It was re-discovered again with the craft recovered from the Roswell crash. The department of defense later reverse-engineered the energy propulsion systems of that craft and utilized the free energy technology in the creation of alien reproduction vehicles (ARV’s). If you’re too lazy to research, watch the Steven Greer “Unacknowledged” Documentary currently on Netflix or the Disclosure Project.

Here’s another example of free energy sources being suppressed. An Ohio inventor and former NASA employee, Stanley Meyer, created a water fuel cell in the 80’s and drove around in a water-powered dune buggy. His vehicle was featured on various news channels and news articles. Meyer was later poisoned in 1998 after drinking cranberry juice while meeting two potential investors. His lab was raided and his water buggy was seized by the “authorities” the week following his death.

Why stop there? Here are 3 more:

Bill Williams “Joe Cell” powered truck

T. Henry Moray’s Radiant Energy Device

Ed Gray’s Radiant Energy No-Fuel Motor

Scofield goes on to ridicule Massaro for his claims that there are man-made bases on the mars, and on the moon. Sounds crazy, right?

This is Karl Wolf, a NASA engineer who was part of the Lunar Orbiter project in 1965. Karl described his firsthand account of working at NASA for Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project. He reported personally handling top-secret photographs during his time at NASA that showed man-made structures on the moon. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Karl personally, and I know for a fact that his story is true.

Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 astronaut and the second man to walk on the moon after Neil Armstrong, has publicly stated on C-SPAN that there is a man-made monolith on Phobos, one of two moons orbiting Mars

You were saying something about conspiracies?

Lastly, Scofield enters the Pizza Gate debate by stating:

“Massaro promotes the discredited Hillary Clinton Pizza Gate conspiracy”

Scofield obviously gets all of her news from watching television. There is a massive online community of legitimate researchers, including myself, who conducted their own investigation around the incident known as “Pizza Gate.” Which was overshadowed by the unfortunate incident that involved a man opening fire on a pizzeria, which inevitably was used to distract Americans from the real issue. The massive online community that was not satisfied with the explanation that Americans were spoon fed by the mainstream media, conducted their own research. Thousands of truth seekers like myself spent days reviewing the evidence from the leaked Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks, the people and businesses involved, as well as the cached photographic evidence that was eventually taken down from the internet. The evidence was disgusting and overwhelming. And the media, along with the powerful political figures involved, were protecting these criminals. The evidence was beyond belief. I won’t mention additional names here. But you can research the leaked Podesta emails yourself on WikiLeaks and draw your own conclusions.

Massaro’s commentary in regards to Pizza Gate is controversial, yes. But he’s echoing the sentiments of a large number of people who have become disenfranchised with government and it’s ties to mainstream media. Massaro is utilizing the platform he’s built by raising awareness and speaking his truth, a right that is granted to him and protected by the First Amendment. Sometimes the truth is ugly, and isn’t what people want to hear. But it takes courage to speak what you know to be true in the face of massive ridicule and opposition. Claims of human trafficking, child molestation, and even torture within government are not new. But they are not entirely unfounded either. Do your own research.

Here Scofield ridicules Massaro’s belief that he incarnated on earth to assist, to teach, and to uplift. Does it sound crazy outside of the context of a spiritual belief system? Sure. Every spiritual belief system and religion is predicated upon an idea of who and what we were before we came into these physical bodies. Some people have long elaborate stories, some don’t. As I’m sure you’re aware, there’s an entire community of people around the globe who consider themselves “light workers,” “wanderers,” and “starseeds.” Many feel they came to this planet to assist in some way, spread a message of love, or to accomplish a specific mission. This is a common, and benevolent belief system. Shared by good, well-intentioned people around the world. Scofield deems it appropriate to ridicule and belittle people who share these beliefs, especially those with stories as elaborate as Massaro. She’s made Massaro a scapegoat, but what she’s really doing is targeting the entire community who share these same beliefs. Maybe Massaro has complete recollection of who he was before incarnating here, or maybe it’s just wishful thinking. Either way, he doesn’t deserve to be persecuted or silenced for his spiritual beliefs. No one does.

12. “Guru gaze” at your followers for lengthy periods of time

Let’s pretend for a moment that “Guru Gazing” is actually a thing. There’s only one guru that I know of that has made a name for himself doing it to the point of annoying the internet. But WHO CARES? The very foundation of the awakening experience is presence, silence, no-thought, no-thing. People have this terrible need to fill the air with idle chit-chat, and yet the greatest moments of creativity and inspiration come from moments of absolute silence. And if Massaro wants to take a few minutes at the start of a workshop with moments of silence, who cares? This stuff comes with the territory people. Like cheers at a rock concert. Do you care? I don’t. And I don’t see why anyone else cares. But one thing is clear, Scofield hates it. She doesn’t like it at all. You really can’t win with her. If he raises his voice? She hates it. If he goes silent? Hates it.

13. Take 12 disciples into the desert on retreat as “guinea pigs” to test your methods

Scofield inserts the word “guinea pigs” to add a negative spin to a 14-day retreat in the desert. Doesn’t sound like a bad time to me. Let’s be honest, the term “guinea pigs” is a playful way of stating that a particular individual or group of individuals will be the first to experience something new. Totally harmless. By that definition, everyone is a guinea pig when trying something new, especially if the experience is provided by someone else.

Scofield goes on to quote another unnamed source (shocking) who seemed to love the experience:

“He wanted to experiment with a group of 12 people as guinea pigs to be able to synthesize the best way to teach it which is what he does so well…It felt like Jesus and the disciples because we were the first ones receiving these teachings. It was an extraordinary experience. ”

An extraordinary experience huh? Sounds like a great time to me. Despite the negative “guinea pig” spin. Sign me up.

14. Create an enlightened city

Yes please. Does this actually sound like a bad idea to anyone? This 29-year-old is out there trying to make the world a better place by attempting to create an enlightened civilization. And he’s starting by uplifting and inspiring thousands of people on a daily basis. Can you imagine living in an entire community of like-minded people who are kind and loving to one another on a daily basis? Where individuals can be free to express themselves openly and without judgement? Free from the physical and emotional toxicity of modern day life? I can, and it sounds better than anything I’ve got going on at the moment. Sign me up.

Are these lofty goals? Sure, but you can’t blame a guy for thinking big. And Massaro is doing everything he can to create an enlightened civilization by 2035. What did you do today Scofield? Jack shit probably.

The End Game

This is where Scofield really jumps the shark. She starts insinuating that Massaro’s end game is related to some creepy death-like scenario. She goes on to say that his teachings have suddenly been turning dark, and he’s getting people to dry fast to their death. I literally laughed out loud as I typed that. It has the makings of a great horror movie, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t make for a good business. And this “tech bro” isn’t going to win over any new followers with that approach now is he. She goes on to quote another unnamed source (naturally) who states:

“I really feel like he is setting people up for a mass suicide. He talked about ‘The harvest.’ I always had a weird feeling.”

Horse shit. First, “the harvest” was a term coined by Carla Rueckert in The Law of One material. It relates to the creation of a new earth and the transition of souls into a higher density. It has nothing to do with mass suicide. It’s a term from a book.

Secondly, Massaro’s goal has always been to create an enlightened civilization by 2035, which requires actual living people. It’s incredibly irresponsible for Scofield to even mention mass suicide simply because one person she spoke to mentioned it as a fleeting thought. So while it makes for a good work of fiction, mass suicide isn’t part of Massaro’s teachings. Good luck convincing people otherwise. Perhaps Scofield interviewed a former disgruntled employee, or someone who is mentally unstable to begin with. Or perhaps she’s simply fabricating.

Scofield then calls Massaro’s mental state into question. Claiming that he went as far as to torture a kitten when he was a child. Kitten torture? Nothing sets people off like kitten abuse. Naturally, Scofield embellishes an experience that Massaro shares from his childhood, of watching a kitten wander into a shrub that caused it mild discomfort as it struggled to walk through its leaves. He then described feeling a strange form of paralysis or “psychic attack” that left him almost unable to do anything about it, as he watched the kitten attempting to exit the offending shrub. Many children engage in behavior that most adults would find questionable. It is part of normal child development. At least Massaro is honest enough to admit to it.

She goes on to argue that Massaro suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which incidentally, every awakened master has been accused of since the beginning of time. Nothing makes you look like more of an asshole than transcending the constraints of individual personality and seeing the world as an illusory construct that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. But wait, that absolves him of all personal responsibility and allows him to justify verbally abusing his students! Yeah, tell that to Jesus and the Buddha. The most famous spiritual bullies of all time, whose verbal abuses are quoted on pick-up-trucks and fortune cookies all over the world.

Scofield closes her highly biased exposé with a summary of her manufactured outrage.

“He is normalizing dying. Bentinho claims to not be responsible for his actions. He thinks he can sleep with and psychologically abuse students with impunity. He’s begun “experimenting” on a core group of “guinea pig” students. He’s pushing his members to stop eating and drinking water for extended periods of time. Bentinho has successfully led his members away from themselves by attacking the core of their identities and diminishing their use of reason or logic. Everything, including Bentinho’s shouting, verbal abuse or strange actions are now expected to be interpreted as positive. He talks about the grand vision of building an enlightened city, finding land and taking his people there.”

Wow. Virtually everything Scofield summarized above, with the exception of Massaro’s desire to build an enlightened city (awesome)…is complete and utter bullshit. She takes neutral to benign situations, spins them to their extreme limit, then shines a spotlight and points to something that isn’t even there. Look! He psychologically abuses his students! He’s fasting them to their death! The sky is falling! And did you notice the clever part about “leading members away from themselves by attacking the core of their identity and diminishing their use of logic or reason?” Notice what she did there? She just redefined awakening as “attacking the core of identity” of his students. Scofield spin.

As we’ve established, the very purpose of the awakening experience, which is the goal of so many eastern spiritual teachings, is the awakening to the experience of pure awareness. No-thought, no-thing, just pure consciousness, expansion, and oneness. But instead of calling it what it is (awakening) she refers to this practice as “attacking the core of the identity” of his students thereby diminishing their ability to use logic or reason. Don’t fall for it. This is the same teaching that every spiritual master that has walked the earth has attempted to teach us since the beginning of time. Scofield just insulted the intelligence of her readers and the Buddha all in one fell swoop.

Anyone who’s capable of applying just a small amount of discernment and reason should be able to see her exposé for what it is, a play at manufacturing outrage and increasing her own exposure. An unbiased mind that is able to apply critical thinking must naturally conclude that Scofield is either highly paranoid or delusional, and genuinely believes that bringing down a peaceful well-intentioned organization is a good thing. Or worse, she’s well aware that Massaro’s organization doesn’t pose any threat whatsoever. But she’s constructed a smear piece just to make a name for herself. Be Scofield, cult hunter.

I don’t care for Scofield’s brand of spiritual McCarthyism, not one bit. Her prejudices are highly apparent to anyone who reads her work, and I use that term loosely. Her exposé reminds us that religious and spiritual persecution still exists, even in this day and age. And her report is eerily reminiscent of the climate and political witch hunt of the 1950’s. Just because you don’t like or resonate with Massaro’s teachings, doesn’t mean he should not be allowed to exist. This country was founded on religious freedom and tolerance. And Scofield has no right to take away his ability to have a voice, or his follower’s ability to congregate and express love for their teacher, or for one another. And as I have shown, she doesn’t present facts. She distorts, she twists, she spins…to such an extreme that she defies logic and reason. The very same logic and reason she claims Massaro robs his students of. Bullshit.

Scofield presents a series of allegations with no crimes, no victims, no casualties, and no injured parties. This is a “cult” with no worship, no sacrifices, no negative indoctrination, and no mass suicides. Just a group of loving people who rub her the wrong way. Sorry Scofield, but just because a spiritual leader rubs you the wrong way doesn’t give you the right to distort the truth, fabricate, or manipulate your readers into manufactured outrage. It’s unethical and irresponsible.

What’s even more unsettling, is that not once does Scofield express any remorse or compassion for the collateral damage left in her wake. As of this writing, Massaro has been forced to flee his Sedona home due to the personal threats he has received as a result. The Sedona Creative Life Center has abruptly ended their contract with Massaro, and therefore he can no longer offer workshops there. Jobs have been lost, his employee’s livelihoods put at risk, his organization restructured, and many of his local friends and followers have turned their backs. Not to mention the countless spiritual seekers that stood to benefit from Massaro’s teachings, who may have reached out and taken the next step in their personal evolution. But will most likely be duped by Scofield’s manipulative presentation and be dissuaded from doing something that may have ultimately benefited them emotionally and spiritually. All of this collateral damage, because of a shamefully irresponsible article conceived by a tortured soul who is in serious need of a hug and a lesson in ethics.

But it gets worse. In a tragic turn of events, on December 9th Scofield updated her article to report that a young man by the name of Brent Wilkins, a long- term student of Massaro, tragically committed suicide by jumping off a cliff near the Midgley Bridge in Sedona. 8 days after Scofield published her exposé.

Scofield reported:

“UPDATE: On December 9th, one of Bentinho’s long time, very devoted students, Brent Wilkins, committed suicide by jumping off a cliff near the Midgley Bridge in Sedona, AZ. Brief news story. Details are still forthcoming.”

Whether or not Scofield’s exposé was a contributing factor is anyone’s guess. And my heart goes out to Brent’s friends and his family. And still, Scofield expresses no remorse, no compassion, offers no condolences, and doesn’t apologize for the part her report might have played in his suicide. Instead, she unapologetically exploits this tragic event to support the findings of her questionable exposé. Shameful.

So far the only valid claims against Bentinho Massaro that I can gather are superficial and inconsequential. At best, he very might well be the real deal. A young, enlightened spiritual master coming to terms with fame and gurudom, while attempting to live out his 20’s and balancing a personal life under the eye of public scrutiny. All while attempting to run a company and contribute to the world in a loving and positive way. At worst, when he’s not on the job, he might be your average late-20’s heterosexual male with a huge ego who likes to ham it up on Instagram, smoke cigars, and dress up for Halloween. Last time I checked, there was no law against being a millennial with an obsession for social media. Hell, America loves that. He should run for office.

The irony here is that between Bentinho Massaro and Be Scofield, only one of them have publicly used tactics to distort the truth for the purpose of manipulating their followers. Only one has displayed intolerance and hatred towards people whose ideas they disagree with. And only one who has violated the trust of others, and used unscrupulous tactics to gather information for the purposes of persecuting an entire group of innocent people. Be Scofield, cult hunter.

The question we should all be asking ourselves is this. In an age of anger, war, hatred, and prejudice, is there room for Be Scofield? The world is already pretty fucked up as it is. And it needs more love, more compassion, more forgiveness, and more unity. Not less of it. Is it possible that the world needs more people like Bentinho Massaro?

Alexander Vera

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Freelance Writer & Creative Strategist. Digital Producer & Content Engineer for 20th Century Fox Television, ABC Disney, MTV Viacom, SCEA:

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