ROBLOX Deathrun — A Positive Review

As I clicked Play, as I had so many times before, I had no idea the experience I was about to have with Team Deathrun’s new game ‘ROBLOX Deathrun’; however, I knew I was in for a memorable time. Upon playing, ‘Deathrun’ had 4,512 players online. When the game opened up, and the initial loading was done, I was hit with a wall of happiness and music that greeted my ears with open arms.

The artistic style that the game brought to the platform was unique in every way. With the amount of attention to detail Team Deathrun brought into their newest iteration is mind boggling. All of the UI animations and sound effects were perfectly cohesive with the style of the game and had a memorable direction to them. I felt, at home in this world. The shop brought the game to a whole new level with the crazy amount of customizable options and content that was poured into such an elegant UI. When I played ‘Deathrun’ you don’t experience the feeling of playing your every day round-based game.

It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s exciting. Team Deathrun clearly had a focus on establishing an open line of communication between its fans as there were many times I saw some words scribbled on the UI asking for ideas and feedback.

If you look into the soul of this game, there is so much more. I see this game as the cycle of life: beginning, middle, and end. The obstacles are hills and mountains you must traverse to get where you are now.

This is not a game show, this is life. Death is looking at every step you take, move you make, he’s watching you and when you mess up he strikes with a frost breathing turtle. What’s the lobby? A figurative celestial place where all beings are and will be, to relax and be before their next journey begins and Death continues it’s watch forever.

There is just one very glaring issue with this game… The sand grain on the huts are off.

If you have not experienced this title for yourself, crank the volume up, click that Play button and get ready for your journey into a game that is likely to be stuck in your ‘Favorite Memories’ folder on your desktop. Enjoy!

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