Bitparax, the Reliable Cryptocurency Exchange Platform

Avery Via
Avery Via
Nov 15, 2019 · 3 min read

Cryptocurrency is currently a currency that is in great demand by the general public, which is evidenced by the large number of users who use that currency. Where it is caused by the value of the digital currency depends on market conditions, where the more users of the crypto currency, the higher the value of the currency. So that is what makes crypto currency can be used as an investment field in the future. The use of crypto money is already widely used, but the use of the currency still has some limitations.

Where one of the limitations is when exchanging with various types of crypto money, which crypto currency that has not been widely used will be difficult to exchange and still have a small exchange rate. Where to exchange the currency certainly requires a large fee and a long time, so that it will make the crypto money users only save the money to be used as an investment and not empower it. This is of course due to the fact that there are still many Blockchain technology platforms that provide exchange services but do not use sophisticated technology, which will result in large transaction costs. However, with the sophistication of technology that is increasingly sophisticated and growing rapidly, there is now a platform like Bitparax.

Where Bitparax is a Blockchain technology platform that provides various crypto money exchange services, the Bitparax platform also provides various types of crypto currencies that have higher exchange rates and are commonly used. Where these currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin V, bitcoin Gold, Cream, Dash, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Fenniecoin, iBitHub, Litecoin, Parax, Tether, WAVES, Stellar Classic, Ripple and Zilliqa. Not only that, Bitparax will also contain various information about that currency, which is information on trade costs, withdrawals, deposits, 24 hour withdrawal limits, deposit status, withdrawal status and trading status. Where all the information will be loaded in a table and will be updated by Bitparax tokens once every 24 hours.

Not only that, Bitparax will also impose a policy regarding deletion of crypto currencies that have been registered on the Biparax platform, which deletion will be carried out if the currency has decreased at least 0.2 BTC. Where the eradication will be done after the Bitparax team monitors the BTC volume of each cryptocurrency that is registered for 2 months after being registered on the Bitparax platform, and if there is no change, then Bitparax will announce the removal of the currency no later than 14 days before the deletion is done. Where the announcement will be delivered to all users via the user’s personal email, which is done so that users can save their assets before the deletion occurs. However, if during these 14 days the exchange rate of this currency has increased above 0.2 BTC, then the write-off will be canceled.

For users who are interested in making transactions with the Bitparax platform, users must first have a PARAX token, which is a token issued by the Bitparax platform as a legitimate transaction tool. Where the token is an Ethereum-based token, so that it will be easier for users when making transactions. In addition, currently the PARAX token has a total supply of tokens of 16,971,239 units of tokens. Not only that, the Bitparax platform will also provide many benefits for users who make transactions using PARAX tokens.

Where one of the benefits will be obtained by users who make taker or maker trade transactions, which for each transaction the users will only be charged a fee of 1% and will get a number of Parax tokens as prizes for trading transactions through the Bitparax platform. In addition, Bitparax will also provide 30% lower fees for users who make payment transactions with PARAX tokens, where users must press the toggle button on the settings page found on the Bitparax site.

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