Family ski package, a cynical view from the inside

Family ! Word idolized by all! Password reviled by those who refuse to found one! Word despised by singing independent life free from any obligation! Word misunderstood by single volunteers who, through their rhythm, can not devote themselves to education or instruction of kids carrying their genes! Ah, what a beautiful irony there is having to deal with hordes of tourists and their offspring either to their ski monitor if, like me, you badly appreciate this little tribe created by two people in frantic!

This is the difficulty of working in a resort: ski family formula package drain here family up from all over the world, and cynicism is not enough sometimes to take the shock of confrontation with these stereotypical images of family happiness. Not that this is disgusting, as some colleagues would like us to believe. But such a show gives us the impression of being on a fairground, mired in an ultra-sweet barba Grandpa cloud.

Of course, who am I to challenge the right to happiness of parents and their kids? I was also a small child, marveling with the rest of the familial gang about this snow white coat on neighboring peaks. My first bowls i’ve ever done were under the smiling eyes of my father. My first battles of snowballs, it is with my older sister that I’ve played.

Nevertheless, nowadays, it’s the effect of getting thrown an iron gauntlet in the face — yes, I love this metaphor chivalrous, so what? -. Seeing people enjoying a ski all inclusive family returns back-to-back old memories and the refusal to perpetuate like did those clients I deal with. What a twinge! The question of previous choices painfully poses, however I do not flinch: my solo formula suits me just fine.

I must, however do well and at least give the impression of worrying a bit about these charming darlings entrusted to me. It is a big responsibility, the kind I would like to send away at the first opportunity. Which of course never occurs, since all this takes place in the context of my job. Despite my complaints, I want to remain reliable and to prove that I can ignore my rejection of the concept of family. The children did nothing to me, after all, and they have the right to spend holidays owls.

Sure, seeing people who come by whole cars and who have chosen the family ski package angers me at times, but overall it’s a great opportunity to compare my conceptions of existence and my will to field realities.