Sight from Val Thorens

The winter holidays will last as long as the snow strives to fall, despite what the calendar shortening holiday periods. Everyone can agree about the advantages of a relaxing weekend in the Alps; it seems like everyone is trying to become a gold digger in full stampede to the Klondike.

It must be said that the ski resorts are a playground quite enjoyable for lovers of the mountain. All sports can be practiced in: there’s something for everyone, all ages and all levels. The magnificence of the natural framework in which these sports events take place finishes to bring hearts to heights of emotions.

One of the most advantaged stations in this area is undoubtedly the one of Val Thorens. Its location, is already in fact the jewel of the Alps: from the heights of the resort, you can access the vast ski area of ​​the Three Valleys. In over two thousand meters, so there is something to have fun, and sometimes twice a day!

This is all the more true as Val Thorens takes place into a vast natural amphitheater of stones, a stunning beauty. By natural amphitheater, hear a geological structure in a circle (or arc of circle), not a tent filled with clowns busy doing the show on a track of clay between two numbers of trapeze artists and other tamers of wild beasts. At sunrise either sunset, this configuration promotes ample reflections of the sun on the day of snow, giving the illusion of seeing the surrounding mountains ablaze. Witnessing such a spectacle at least once in his life is an imperative to which no one should depart.

Carefully considering his hotel in Val Thorens can increase the chances of enjoying such a view. The resort, at the height of the winter season, is full of quality accommodations; however these have not systematically balconies or windows able to offer to the tourist the great panorama around.

What we are reassured! There is an alternative more grim: climb up to the summit of Caron, designated by many to be the most stunned view of the Alps. From these heights, it’s more than a thousand summits that we can contemplate, in addition to the six surrounding glaciers!

Access to this summit is done throughout the year, summer and winter. Coming off season to enjoy this panorama, away from the crowds of tourists, and discover the subtleties of this exceptional mountainous cirque, is a sweet temptation if any. A big question remains, however: as a tourist, do you dare to think outside the box, away from the horde of your fellowmen, and will you draw up your own vacationer way, when you choose to explore the world around?