Political Turmoil: An Overview

The past year has been very eventful in American politics. However, the recent election cycle has led to uprisings in our beloved America, not only on the left, but as well as on the right as well. A perfect example of a leftist uprising would be the rise of the Antifa, short for Anti-Fascists. These people are victimizing and physically abusing conservatives and supporters of free speech. Their argument is “I don’t like your opinion and you’re a Nazi because I said so, and that can be justified by physically beating you up” which, ironically, is textbook fascism.

First off, nobody can be compared to Nazis. The people responsible for the mass murder of 7 million people just because of who they are can’t be compared to people who fight for free speech. Being Jewish, I absolutely despise the Holocaust and those who victimize people simply because of who they are. If anyone is even remotely close to the Nazis, it would be the progressive left. The Nazis were anti free speech and religion. They also stripped people of their gun rights, another ideal in the minds of modern leftists. A quote by Hitler, “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens”. You cannot attack someone, physically or verbally, just because they disagree with you. Not only is it morally incorrect, it is also bigotry.

There is some political turmoil on the right as well. This past week, protesters crashed the play “Julius Caesar” by running on the stage and yelling things like “CNN is ISIS”. These acts are very hypocritical.

The play was revolved around President Trump, who appears to get killed in the play. These plays and the people who put them on are exercising their right to free speech, and nobody, regardless of who you are, can name it hate speech. As best said by political commentator Steven Crowder, “hate speech is a figurative of your imagination”. You hating what someone else has to say doesn’t mean you can label it hate speech. All speech is free speech, whether you like it or not. The idea that you can silence someone else because they have a different viewpoint than you is sheer asininity.

It appears as if, at least in today’s society, that there is minimal room for political tolerance. Our societies, classrooms, workplaces, homes, and lives are being overrun with slandering those who disagree. Ideas such as political correctness and other buzz words from the progressive left are just being used to silence and eliminate rational political discussion. Nothing, at least in the near future, will be solved by playing the “name game” and silencing productive discussion. Everyone in America has seem to forgotten that the left wing and the right wing are attached to the same bird.

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