Digibot: The digital business card bot

Transferring to a new school was a big change for me. During the transition I was meeting a ton of new people daily, whether it was to meet for classwork later or to hangout. The same is true at entrepreneurial networking events, you are often in a rush to acquire contact information and leave with a giant pile of business cards, not remembering who was who. No longer will that be the case, digi is the digital business card revolution. What digi does is allows you to search through Facebook messenger for a name and once you see the familiar face you simply hit connect. It will then be up to that person to decide what information they choose to share. This allows you to connect on not only just a simple phone number level but also get an email address, Facebook friend, twitter, instagram and Linkedin. It is a massive tool for networking in terms of expanding your connections on a multi platform level. There is a huge need for this service as the current way of doing this is simply outdated. I have attached a link here to our website for more information. Here is a view of the bot in action. We aim to simplify the connection process by allowing you to connect on all platforms all at once. Never ask for a phone number again, we are the yellowbook of our generation, so what are you waiting for join the revolution.