Free Web hosting Vs Unlimited Web Hosting

While searching the internet for web hosting plans, you might have come across the term “free.” Now, that calls for some extra research from your side, as you haven’t heard about it before. How can any company offer you with free hosting plans? It seems too good to be true. With the help of free hosting service, you are about to get some requisite desires fulfilled. But, what are those? Moreover, some companies are offering unlimited hosting plans too. Now, how you can possibly choose between these two? It’s only possible when you are aware of the features involved.

For the free hosting:

Well, the Free Web hosting plans differ from one company to another. To be very honest, not all services are free and come with a limitation. The basic packages seem free, but after crossing the limit, you have to buy their packages. Offering initial free service is a great marketing strategy. It helps in attracting maximum clients towards their sides and then they can start their current branding. But before proceeding further, it’s time to learn more about the features evolving around free hosting plans.

· The package comprises of 2000MB disk space. For up to 2000MB, you can get the service free of cost. After that, you might have to pay a little amount for the monthly packages.

· You can always catch up with 100 GB bandwidth. Well, this is more than enough for small companies to work for sometimes. However, after that you can always get along with the best deals.

· Another interesting feature straight from free hosting plan is script autoinstaller. This is something which will stay by your side forever, whenever you are planning to use the plans.

· Ads in between hosting plans are quite irritating. However, you don’t have to bother that with the free package. Avoid those ad displays with free hosting plans over here.

· You can always receive support straight from website builder. Their services are free of cost and will fit well with the free hosting session.

· On the other hand, you have 2 free MySQL Databases, which are designed as per the client’s requirements.

For the unlimited ones:

Once you are through with the free hosting service, you can always try out for the unlimited hosting plan. This is another one for you to try when you are looking for something different from Free Web hosting. The packages are designed as per client’s requirements. But first, ensure to check out the features.

Unlimited hosting plans might sound unlimited, but it’s not. After a certain point of time, there is a restricted with the bandwidth service. Moreover, you more receive some free GB storage values too, but don’t be too happy for that. Multiple hosting companies have their limitations restricted. After covering the plans, your plans might get disconnected automatically. So, while using unlimited hosting plan, checking out on options is mandatory.

Whether you are trying to work on free hosting plans or the unlimited ones, ensure to get along with experts for help. It solely depends on your requirements and ways, in which the plan is suitable for your business.

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