Photo taken from We Heart It

8 years.

I bet everyone’s wondering who, this person that I’m just so into.

We happened once upon a time. I was yours and you were mine.

But it just wasn’t our time yet, I left but little did you know I was filled with much regret.

Eight years later, fate stepped into the picture. You and I together, it’s the perfect mixture.

You still look as good as the day I met you, even better honestly. I must’ve been crazy to let you slip through my fingers and watch you call another girl baby.

Not everyone gets a second shot at love, so I’m keeping you close and holding you tight.

I’ve made mistakes but haven’t we all? I’ve given you my word; this time I’ll do you right.

I still get butterflies in my tummy seeing you even after all these time.

If loving you was illegal, then I’d have committed the perfect crime.

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