Photo taken from Twitter.

Let me go.

I bet you still think of me every night before you go to sleep. Because I bet you’ll be scrolling through my social medias, just to check up on how I’m doing. I’m doing fine, more than fine actually.

I miss you.

I can’t deny this.

In all honesty, I truly do. You were the bestest guy companion any girl could possibly ask for.

But I can’t see you again. Because when I do, I’d get all these sorts of feelings that I can’t possibly describe.

And then the whole toxic cycle starts all over again.

The air gets thicker somehow when you’re around me and I can’t seem to sit still and everything that comes out of my mouth never seem to make sense. Then again, nothing I say ever makes any sense.

And you know the effect that you have on me. Two past lovers can never be friends. We both know this. I’d want nothing more to be involved in your life as a friend but we both know it’s impossible to do that.

A part of us will always be special to each other. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in awhile with a person who loves me back with every fibre of his being and I wish I could share this happiness with you but I don’t want to string you along anymore. I want you to be happy as well.

Even if it means without me.

It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

Let me go.

Don’t check up on me anymore.

Don’t latch yourself onto me no more.

Let yourself go.


I’m sorry.

You’ll be in my prayers, always.

No matter what.

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