To the one I’ll always love :

I hope when the one you love looks at you, you’ll instantly feel your tummy being tied up in knots; unsure if you’re gassy or happy, or perhaps just somewhere in between.

I hope she knows that when you look into her eyes nothing else in the world matters. Everything she does is important to you, even the most unimportant things to her. From the way she talks, to how she puts her head on your shoulders to how the spaces between her fingers fit your hand perfectly. Like it was meant to hold only her hand.

I hope she knows that when you annoy her or poke her cheeks while she’s in the midst of saying something, that’s just your way of telling her that you love her.

I hope she knows that when you look at the ground and smile, you only have her on your mind and you’re thinking about how lucky you are to be blessed with such a beautiful soul who makes this rollercoaster ride called life, a tad bit more worthwhile.