Photo taken by yours truly, when I sneakily take shots of him.

In my veins.

They always say you can’t fix what’s broken. I say, screw them. What do they know? We know better. We’ve always belonged to each other.

Yes, at one point of time our love was broken and instead of fixing it, I took the easy way out. We’ve all made mistakes at some point and now you’re the only one I’m crazy ‘bout.

The love may be broken but it doesn’t go anywhere. It’ll always lurk somewhere within you.

You were my first love and I was yours. I was young and jaded, at seventeen.

Now eight years later, we’re back in each other’s arms again like nothing’s changed. If this isn’t fate, then I don’t know what is.

Everything is so familiar with you, which is why it makes loving you so easy.

I know you like the back of my hand, I wanna hold it through the whole journey until we’ve reached the end.

You’re my first and my last love, now I don’t have to be haunted with “what could have been-s” whenever you cross my mind.

You’re my one of a kind.

I’ve loved you once before, and now I can’t help but to love you even more.

I know how it feels to lose you so this time round I’m holding you tight.

In a world of darkness, you’re my source of light.

I promise to love you, especially in times when we do fight.

Probably over who has to do the dishes but it’s okay, I’ll probably end up doing it because you’re already one of my best wishes coming true.

It’s always been you.

You’re both my weakness and my strength. I’m glad our minds are almost always on the same wavelength.

Call it telepathically inclined, if you must.

You complete me; I’m the decadent slice of pizza and you’re the yummy stuffed crust.

It’s not enough to tell you that I love you but I’ll prove it to you in times to come.

I’m not going anywhere without you, we compliment each other like raisin & rum.

Yours is the only face I’d wanna always kiss,

I’ve finally found you, my missing puzzle piece.

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