An Introduction

I thought I’d just sit down and pour my ideas out. In daily life, I constantly talk to myself and I always wondered if I’d be able to translate that into writing. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. I’m not the strongest writer and I feel like it has to be my best effort. When I talk to myself, it’s just babbling and my random thoughts. Nevertheless, I’m going to try to bridge the gap between my candid thoughts and written language.

I don’t know why I decided to go with the name “Average & Awkward”. I knew that I wanted to stay anonymous so I could reveal my genuine feelings, but I had trouble coming up with a name. I consider myself average in the sense that I feel like I’m an ordinary person. I don’t believe I’m literally average, but I guess nobody is; I’d like to think everyone is unique in some way. In terms of awkward, I feel that represents me a little better. My social skills are not the best. I have social anxiety and I’m super introverted, which makes many social situations very difficult for me. I guess I mostly chose the name because it sounded pretty cool.

I decided to start writing for a few reasons. I thought it’d be cool to document my life and my thoughts. I also want to share my experiences in school, work, and personal life. I hope this helps me express myself and maybe help me reflect more on my life.