What It’s Like to Be a Woman at a Tech Conference
Chloe Condon

Great article but cmon -call it like it is. Don’t tippy toe around it. Its blatant sexism is why there are no women at these conferences. Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft — all got nailed for sexual harassment, failure to hire women (NONE of these companies have 50% female employees) and paying women less for the same work (Google is being sued by the Gov’t for this). YouTube’s CTO herself even said — HIRE MORE WOMEN. All they complain about in Silicon Valley is the lack of women in STEM but frankly — they keep women out of the boys club on purpose when so many of us are graduating school (colleges across America now are 60% female). So enough excuses, the female engineers are out there HIRE THEM. And African Americans too. Not this BS Howard University West thing Google is doing.

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