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Doing Vs Not doing: A weird view of a common pursuit!

Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash

If everyone stands out, who will attend the class?

Whoever I talk to wants to do something in life. WHY?

There are a lot of times when I have found myself wanting to not do something or anything at all. I do a lot of things only to make sure that I don’t have to do anything later. Can you feel me here? Ok, wait, let me try! So…

I plan things to do for not doing anything. In fact in the pursuit of not doing anything, I have ended up doing a lot of things. This makes me think that there is a lot to be done to see myself not doing anything.

I have reached a level where not doing anything is doing for me and doing anything is not doing for me. So this means when I am not doing anything, I am actually doing what I want, which is to not do anything.

The problem with this pursuit is that undoing something here also counts as doing. I cannot go back undoing my doing to make myself feel that all this while I have not been doing anything.

You know, I was so close to achieving my pursuit that I sometimes used to get scared thinking I would get known for not doing anything and this publicity, in turn, would again do something for me. I was so close to winning that I could see my defeat.

With this struggle going on, the only comfort I had was in the fact that I was the only one in this whole world who was pursuing this. I was the sole player in this field. There was no competition and hence no chance of failure. While everyone was busy doing something, I chose a completely different and opposite field for myself. I invented my own game, set my own targets and I also made it challenging for myself. Challenging because, you already know by now that, “not doing is not easy”.

But when have things gone the way you plan? While I was planning on escaping the publicity and lifting the winning trophy in a private ceremony hosted and attended by me, Corona happened. And this changed everything like never before. The games changed, the rules changed and to make things worse, goals changed.

The stupid guy staying with me went all the way from, “I want to do something in life” to “I don't want to do anything”, in a day. And this was not just about him. Everyone I was talking to wanted to just chill and not do anything. Until a day before the turf that only belonged to me, was now full of stupid doers, who now wanted to compete in a game I invented only for myself.

I know Corona will go and so will these people, back to their routine life of doing something. But what if some of these people who were till now oblivious to the solace of my pursuit become aware. The game of not doing anything has serious threats of being discovered by many.

And this can defer my chances of winning.

A marketeer trying his hand at writing. I write what bothers me hoping someday the universe will throw back all the answers at me!