Anti-Semitism in the White House?

STOP IT!!! Stop making anti-semitism a left/right issue! Anti-semitism/racism is a plague on society and it will bring down everyone in the end!!!

This post is in response to the current media storm acccusing President-Elect Trump in appointing an alleged anti-semite, by the name of Steve Bannon, as an advisor. Anyone interested in reading more about Steve Bannon and whether he is or he is not an anti-semite can read this: and this

No, this article is not about how there will be an anti-semite in the White House, that title was just to get your attention.

Now I want to focus on the real issue, that is a danger to all of us, Jew and non-Jew alike — anti-semitism and racism in the United States of America.

Yes, it is sad to admit, but anti-semitism and racism exist in America. It has been growing in America year after year. Anyone blaming the rise of anti-semitism/racism on Trump is disconnected from reality. The guy is President-elect, he hasn’t even taken office yet! Everything you are complaining about is taking place under an Obama Presidency. It already exists! And I find it very hard to refute that fact.

Many will say that it’s because Trump has now been elected, that anti-semitism/racism is raising its head. Maybe that’s so, but those who are making that claim are ignoring the reality that it has been growing under 8 years of an Obama rule. It would have continued to grow under a Hillary Clinton rule and it will burst one day, regardless of who is President. It has nothing to do with WHO is President, Democrat or Republican. It has to do with the growth of identity politics in America, the growth of the anti-Israel BDS movement and the state of the economy for many working/lower-middle class Americans.

I have been seeing the growth of anti-semitism in America & the world, over the past decade. Interestingly, most of that growth has been by the left on college campuses in the guise of BDS & anti-Israel. But it exists on both sides of the aisle.

My conclusion from the start was to call upon my fellow Jews to come home and make the world a better place from Israel, our homeland. The anti-semitism/racism will burst one day and get bad, regardless if a Republican or Democrat is President.

Stop the infighting, stop ignoring reality and come home to Israel, because you can, you should and no matter how good or bad a job Trump does, anti-semitism will continue to grow and become dangerous in today’s toxic, divisive atmosphere in the USA. It’s a sad fact, that I think is very true.

And if you really want to find out why I supported Trump for President, it’s because he was the lesser of two evils between two very problematic candidates. No he is not going to be perfect and I don’t believe he will be amazing for Israel either, but I do believe he will be much better for America and Israel than Hillary Clinton would have been. For my full explanation, click on my article below.