Affair is not about the Gender; It’s about the Person

In Indonesia, most of girls judge that guys are cheap bastard, mostly cause of cheating. Yes, I admit it, guys are easy to distract, especially by the shining one. But not at all, everything depends on how that “shining” girl acted so the guys could be attracted. Yes. After Appearance, it’s Personality. If your boy is rarely communicating with girl, the chance of insecurities will be higher. Once he got dazzled by a girl, there’s a chance he will be out of control and leave you behind. But most of guys doing that because the girl treat them differently (excluding the “benefit”). And only based on this fact (or should I say “girls opinion’s fact”), they judged the most of guys are easy to cheat, to do affair. Well, at first, I believe on that, because I only see that women is innocent. Yes, most of girls cheating because their boys are: disappointing, discomforting, and the most one, boring. And AT THAT TIME, most of my girl friends (with a space) has been cheated. Then years passed…

After few years, after listening to many friends story, mostly girls, I heard many stories that girls could also be easily cheating on other guy. No, that’s not my point. Everyone has any possibilities, whether it’s guy or girl, but listening the fact directly, it made me speechless and strengthen the fact that there’s no such a statement like “men are all alike”. No, it’s not. Every people did the same mistake for different reason, or did the different mistake for a similar reason.

There is my girl friend (with a space), which told me that she was cheating on his boyfriend just because his boyfriend is boring: doing the same thing every week (having a lunch or dinner, watching movie), chatting about the same topic (like “what are you doing?” and “where are you now?”, “take care” and “good night”), and doing the same… (you know what). Then she cheated on him easily, because his boyfriend only come after her in the weekend, so in the weekday she is…… FREE.

Then the other one is my friend that has already been in relationship for 3 years, now still ongoing, and she is (surprisingly) cheating on his boyfriend because almost for 3 years, his boyfriend never visit her house. Wow. He said that he was serious with their relationship but everytime she asked to visit her house, her boyfriend denied, with many reasons applied. LOL.

And there are many stories but I could tell them here because it would eat up too much spaces and time. But this story told us that girls also could be really mean: cheat, lie, and break someone’s heart stealthily.

Affair could be differently perceived from many sides: meeting with other girl, talking/chatting intimate with other girl, or having a crush with other girl, each people has their own perception about this.

Remember that someone (no matter girls or guys) is doing affair because of their partner is: disappointing, discomforting, and the most one, boring. Once a person disappointed the partner, there will be a trust issue between them. If a person discomfort the partner, partner will cheat because the partner feel more comfortable with other else, not you. If you did the same thing, went to same place, or talked about the same topic, prepare yourself for losing your partner.
If your partner is doing that, you might be angry, but don’t judge that boys/girls are all alike. Meanwhile, it’s time to reflect yourself, maybe the root cause is on you too; selfishness, repetitive, care less, or maybe you’re not a good partner to discuss about problem, your relationship problem, but your partner isn’t innocent too; cheating is a quickest way to get some happiness but not a good way to keep the sail set in the relation-ship. It’s guilty pleasure, and still wrong.

Everyone could cheat, but not everyone wants to do that for real. So, respect your partner.