This is a continuation of my previous writing. I am currently running Manjaro Linux with bspwm. This setup might not be for everyone, but for my own sanity, I need to write my current setup so I can review it later — and hopefully others can learn something from it or give me input, instead of just relying on my dotfiles backup. This setup is mostly keyboard-oriented.

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Manjaro Architect

I installed Manjaro Architect because I want (semi) total control of my setup. It was not a walk in the park, but the installation process was clear enough to make sense out of…

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Social Media is unavoidable. Yes, some people can shut it down completely and it is good for them. I do not wish to be like them, but I want to have better control on my social media habit.

I was an early adopter of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I joined dozen other social media which crashed and burned in the last decade. If this is a resume, I would emphasize my 10+ years experience of social media in bold and all capital letters.

With that kind of “experience”, I hope I know what I want from social media. Just like…

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Since a friend of mine gave me a burned CD with the word “Linux” scrawled with red marker on it and told me to “boot from it and install it” around 20 years ago, I have always been a Linux person. It took me on myriad computer-related adventures (sysadmin, hacking, install-fest etc), gave me a leadership experience (I was one of the founder of KLUB, Klub Linux Bandung and its first leader), elevated my status among Indonesian nerd-crowd, started my career in IT and many other things.

It was a thrilling journey the day I found, and could afford, a…

Digital Media Extraordinaire and online flâneur. Working in user experience field for more than 10 years. Currently biting the Big Apple.

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