AVIATOR | The Travel T-Shirt

First Class Comfort at Economy Pricing. The most comfortable t-shirt in the world to wear while traveling. Wear more and pack less.

We all love to travel right? Traveling is one of the greatest experiences of your life! The only problem is it can be quite uncomfortable these days. Between the long lines, being crammed into small seats, and the airlines charging us extra for every little perk… At Aviator, our goal is to make traveling a better experience today. We can do this by making travel clothing with style and function that will take you further.

We can all agree that a great t-shirt is a MUST HAVE for every trip you’ll ever go on, right?

Introducing the Aviator | The Travel T-Shirt. Think of it as First Class comfort at economy pricing. We set out to make the most comfortable t-shirt in the world. Not only are we saying this is the most comfortable t-shirt you’ll ever wear, this shirt is also body temperature regulating, and antimicrobial by nature. This means you can wear more, and pack less.


We chose to make our t-shirts with the natural bamboo fiber, because it is easily converted into a fabric that is soft as cashmere, and packed with natural benefits such as…

  • Antibacterial — keeps you odor free and feeling and smelling fresh
  • Moisture wicking — Pulls moisture from skin for evaporation
  • Powerfully insulating — keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • One of the softest fabrics on the planet you’ll love the way it feels
  • Naturally UV protectant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Most eco-friendly fabric on the planet


Thank you for viewing our page, and please let me know if you need more info or have any questions. Thank you!


Owner @ Aviator

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