Numerous technologies are refining and influencing the digital world by the day. More internet capabilities, the implementation of AI technology, and many others are reshaping the world as we know it.

The upcoming additions of numerous different key features to our existing technology is going to be defining the technology of our future.

Many innovations are emerging by the day. But, there are only a couple that shows as much promise as the following. These digital transformation trends are going to be the defining features of the following year.

The year of 5G

5G is the fifth generation of cellular network technology. It is…

Artificial intelligence is still echoing through every industry, speaking volumes about its diverse applications. The hype around AI is huge, and there’s something new every day. Mind-reading devices, self-driving cars, advancements in manufacturing, healthcare, and life in general, all of this wouldn’t be possible without AI.

The modernization of IT wouldn’t be possible without the most advanced AI techniques. IT companies need AI to innovate products. Machines use AI to learn from experience and perform human-like tasks by adjusting to new inputs.

This innovation creates loads of new opportunities, as natural language processing and deep learning continue to evolve. …

A short history

It was during the 1990s and 2000s that robotic processing automation was first introduced. It quickly spread to many of the manufacturing industries. The reason for this is that robotic processing automation also known as RPA has proven to be highly effective as far as back-office functions are concerned. The purpose of RPA is to deploy virtual workforces comprising of software robots to accomplish certain tasks. One of the primary attractions as far as RPA is concerned is its ability to manage a large number of frequently repeated tasks. As far as the very popular chatbot is concerned they are software assistants who are able to make use of voice or text messages in order to communicate. These chatbots are highly efficient virtual companions that can be used in many ways. It is possible to integrate these chatbots into applications, instant messengers and websites. By making use of these technologies it is possible for business owners and entrepreneurs to have a closer relationship with their target audience. Emerging technologies resulted in sophisticated artificial intelligence as well as enhanced natural language processing which has resulted in a revolution as far as efficient conversation is concerned.

An automation tool

This is a process where software robots are used to accomplish complex and time-consuming as well as rule-based workflows. Although they are mostly used for backend administrative IT work these software robots is also able to perform many other transactions and tasks in enterprise systems, in databases, and on websites. They are also a lot more efficient than their human counterparts. This is because they are able to provide sophisticated automation solutions and this is accomplished by reducing cycle times. Within the industry, they are very often used to substitute for those people who are normally interacting with those applications…

Tremendous progress has been made in a short time. SnatchBot shows you where we are right now and where we’re heading next.

Less than 20 years ago industries and enterprises were dependent on legacy client/server applications. Those applications were written in a single language and in the majority of circumstances they were operated internally. Data could only be accessed by making use of desktop computers which was operating inside the company network firewall. However, with the start of the new millennium, there was increasingly more web-based applications which were produced by application developers. The operation of these web-based applications has become very quick and most of the delays have been eliminated. This has allowed for better user experiences as well as simplified…

The automation of many legal services were just a step away until recently.

Just as the FAQ strategy for many websites were disrupted successfully, so can you expect to see for the legal services, as I will explain below:

Available artificial intelligence and chatbots are now paving the way for lawyers to automate many of the currently available legal services. One such chatbot platform is known as Josef (with several more in the making). This enables lawyers to create chatbots that can handle lawyer-client conversations. These chatbots will also be able to draft legal documents as well as provide advice and legal guidance to consumers. This can allow lawyers across the planet to save a lot of time by delegating the majority of their repetitive work to chatbots. Because of this option, they are now able to focus on…

Chatbots is a phenomenon which is seen more and more in many industries. They are providing businesses, organizations, corporations, and individuals with the means to accomplish a whole range of tasks more effectively and quicker. They can be used for a wide variety of tasks such as for banking, as a personal coach, as a financial advisor and also as a matchmaking guru.

Today I want to reflect on 6 key issues that people have a lot of questions about. In part, I will also refer to credible external sources from within our industry.

Suggested reading: Avi Ben Ezra on Chatbots for Medicine

In a relatively short time, we…

Once you created a chatbot on the SnatchBot platform, or acquired on from the bot shop, there is so much that can be done to get the best results from it.

Below I will discuss just a few pointers that are often overlooked:

Been active on a messenger app

It has been seen over recent years that mobile messaging apps are gaining in popularity. They are used far more than any other popular applications and this is naturally providing marketers with attractive options. Extensive research has revealed that messaging apps have in a very short time doubled their retention rate. The retention rate of messaging apps…

E-commerce has evolved to the point where AI and automation works alongside intelligent humans to deliver a WOW factor. This was especially the case for companies that go the extra mile with R&D, until now, where cost barriers to technology literally got scrapped, thanks to things like the chatbot marketplace or “bot store”as our users know it.

Today I will share with you why chatbots are so vital to e-commerce companies:

The need for better customer service

At this point in time, there are many e-commerce companies that are heavily involved in research and investigations to find better ways in which to use chatbots. The purpose…

So often, I get asked: Avi, explain to us how does a chatbot work, can you take us behind the scenes? Well, with such a fascinating phenomenon worth sharing, allow me do just that:

People will always be fascinated by those things which amazes them. One of the things which are currently extremely amazing is the many auto operating AI controlled gadgets. This is why the latest technological wonder has so many people in uproar. We are speaking of the Chatbot of which so many things are expected. This industry has already seen a tremendous amount of research and many discoveries have already been made (my own research you can see right here). The result is artificial intelligence entities which is increasingly humanlike. In reality they are still automated AI devices. These sophisticated chatbots…

Avi Ben Ezra

CTO and Cofounder of SnatchBot and SnatchApp, I lead the Group’s long-term technology vision and I am responsible for running all facets of the tech business.

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