Hello World

Avic Ndugu
May 8, 2018 · 1 min read

Hello world. I am Avic Ndugu.

I am a trainee at Tunapanda Institute, Nairobi, Kenya. I am learning important digital skills in tech, design and business. Some of the skills are in game development, web design, photography and pitching.

I have always been fascinated by computers and how they work. Since I learnt how to create games, I have always been learning the different ways they can be used to create and collaborate.

Two years ago, I stumbled into tech field when I was involved in teaching kids how to make games using Scratch MIT. I was amazed with the excitement the kids had learn they can also be creators not just consumers.

Tech has provided a platform where I can create & share ideas with the click of a button. Literally. Now, I can collaborate with others on the same project across the globe. How cool is that.

I am learning how to code and design elegant and responsive websites.

PS. I like playing scrabble.

Avic Ndugu

Written by

Web developer, graphic designer and tech enthusiast. I also enjoy reading & writing informative articles. Contributor of tunapanda.org medium publication.

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