Advancement in technology has drastically changed how businesses offer services to customers. Customers can now access services through self-service or support staff. Businesses are able to serve customers in a way that fulfils the customer’s needs.

Benefits of technology to customers

1. Saves customer’s time

Technology has provided an opportunity to serve a lot of customers concurrently and faster than humans. This cuts the amount of times that could be used waiting in queues. ATM machines have reduced the time required to withdraw money from a bank.

2. Bridging the physical distance

Technology has allowed customers to access services across the globe. Customers can be able to order and receive goods and services across the world. …

If you have ever wondered how HTML is used to make websites with pictures and videos, you have landed at the right place. I am going to walk you through the 9 steps of building a one page website using HTML. If you can build a one page website, you can build a multi-page website.


You only need two things: a text editor and a browser. If you know how to use these two, skip the requirements section and go to the 9 steps process.

- Text editor

You need a text editor to write the HTML code. Every computer has a text editor so don’t be in a hurry to install anything yet. You can use Notepad on Windows, Gedit on Ubuntu and TextEdit on MacOS X. …

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I have listened to Josh Kaufman several times talk about first 20 hours to learn something new. So I have decided to try the concept for myself while learning React.js.

The first thing I did was to identify what are the main concepts in React. The most common ones I could find were.

  1. JSX
  2. Components
  3. Props
  4. States

The second thing was to identify good learning resources that would focus on learning these concepts.

I found 3 resources that I think are excellent according to my current knowledge of React which is none. Zero.

Getting Started with React

  1. Getting started with React by Tania Rascia -Primary…

Learning a new skill is exciting, especially when it’s coding

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You forget most — and sometimes all — of what you learn without practice. That’s where projects come in. They are a great way to practice what you’ve learned. You can even use projects to showcase your work.

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Once you have played with HTML usual course of action is learning CSS to style your markup. Learning to create a 2 or more columns is an important skill. We are going to create columns in plain HTML & CSS in 3 easy steps.


We will kick off by inserting the HTML markup in the index.html file.

<div class=”row”>
<div class=”column”>
<p>This is the first column that should be very along
compared to other which are relatively short. This
is the first column that should be very along compared
to other which are relatively short.</p>
<div class=”column”>
<p>This is the second column that should be abit short
compared to other which are relatively long.</p>
<div class=”row”>
<div class=”column”>
<p>This is the third column that should be abit short
compared to other which are relatively long.</p> …

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First, let me introduce myself. I am Avic Ndugu. I am a frontend developer in the making and an aspiring full-stack web developer. I am currently majoring in making web apps and websites. I have worked on 2 WordPress websites and built 5 HTML and CSS projects. If you did not spot me in the picture, I’m the guy sitting on the right.

In 2016 and 2017, I had been engaging kids in practical engineering and coding lab sessions. I had been teaching kids to code using Scratch, a program that helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively by programming using simple codes and the MIT App Inventor. …

Its always exciting the first time you try learning a new skill. Especially coding.

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However, if you have no practice, you forget most of what you learn. Therefore, at some point you realize that you need to practice what you have learnt. Otherwise you’ll forget all of it.

That’s where projects come in. Projects are a good way to practice what you have learnt. And trust me you want to work on some projects. You can use the projects to showcase what you have worked on.

Hello world. I am Avic Ndugu.

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I am a trainee at Tunapanda Institute, Nairobi, Kenya. I am learning important digital skills in tech, design and business. Some of the skills are in game development, web design, photography and pitching.

I have always been fascinated by computers and how they work. Since I learnt how to create games, I have always been learning the different ways they can be used to create and collaborate.

Two years ago, I stumbled into tech field when I was involved in teaching kids how to make games using Scratch MIT. …


Avic Ndugu

Web developer, graphic designer and tech enthusiast. I also enjoy reading & writing informative articles. Contributor of medium publication.

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