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Postgraduate Study

University of Manchester

To be honest, this was my first admission and I considered it was quite “clumsy" and unprepared. I was looking for some options for UK universities and through Chevening’s course finder with keyword engineering management I found UoM’s Engineering Project Management which is quite interesting. I was only testing their application portal to see if I could apply easily, but then I could! I didn’t apply for mamy universities, but I did try some of their admission system and to be honest, University of Manchester is one of the easiest I’ve tried. It’s simple, we can apply through their portal, there’s no application fee, we can also submit any documents later,and they don’t need the reference lettersto be submitted by the referees themselves, I was the one who submitted the letters. I have to admit as an applicant I am impressed and satisfied. The day when I got their LoA, it was November 5th, was also really seamless. I got their e-mail and attached with it was the LoA. There is nothing I can complain.

University of Nottingham

The first time I visited IDP was around July to ask about their IELTS test, but then I found out not only that they are co-founder of IELTS, but they also facilitate us to connect to universities and help us on our application! The greater thing is it's for free. Lame me, but yes I just found about this great institution in 2016.

Although they haven't cooperate with all universities, I decided to apply to Nottingham with their help. I was torn between Birm and Nott at first, but they provide consultation too, that kinda contributed to my decision to choose Notts too. As soon as I got my IELTS test report form and my letters of recommendations, I submitted the necessary documents.

For University of Nottingham, the application fee is 25 pounds. For other university which is free but have no cooperation with them yet, I applied it by myself online, e.g. University of Manchester. Basically, the necessary documents are easy. For certificate degree and transcript, you surely have ones already. The thing is, they need to get translated. Fortunately, I have translated all my documents right after I graduated. I didn't think I was going to continue masters study back then, but a friend of mine suggested me why not translate it while I have time. Just in case. And I am glad I did translate them back then so I don't need any more time to do it now.

The next is IELTS/TOEFL report, this you will have to spend some money and go through some exercises. The others are really personal and show how smart you are to build your character in texts: recommendation letters and personal statement.

My plans are:

University of Nottingham. Applying through IDP and I would have to pay 25 pounds.

If plan A fails (though I hope it doesn’t), I had applied for University of Manchester too parallel with UoN. It’s free but they don’t associate with IDP so I did apply online by myself.

If plan B still fails (still, I hope it doesn’t), I would apply for University of Birmingham through IDP and I would have to pay 50 pounds.

Once I received my IELTS test report form on 30th of September (Friday), I signed up for University of Nottingham through IDP on 3rd of October (Monday), and for UoM on 7th of October (Friday). Turned out that I didn’t need to pay either for UoN ☺

As for the personal statement and recommendation letters, I started writing on them along with IELTS preparation, so when the result finally came, they're all done and I'd only have to have them signed off by my referees.

Again, thing to keep in mind is, the timeline.

Know that every single thing needs time, from writing the letters, translation, until the IELTS test. I'm lucky I already have my transcript and certificate translated since I graduated, as I thought it would come in handy whenever I need them.

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