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Jul 17, 2019 · 3 min read

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps and that’s not surprising because there are so many things to do here. Whether you catching the sunset or sitting on marine drive and experience that unique feeling. Mumbai always offers an amazing experience that is unique to the city. People come here to visit across a foreign country. If you a traveler and also visit Mumbai and want to take all amazing experience Click Here.

Mumbai Basically Famous for Street food, Famous Place and high-end malls

1. Hill Road:- Hill road is a shopper’s delight in Mumbai. this place famous for street shopping. you can get much variety in one place. this is the time when you can visit and get your favorite items in one city

Place:- Hill Road Bandra

Timings:- 11 am to 9 pm

Best Time to shopping at 11 am without Crowd

2. Palladium:- Mumbai has always considered for shopping hubs and palladium is one of the reasons. Here you will get a high rated brand like Zara, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, with high street labels

Place:- Lower Parel

Timings:- 11am to 10pm

3.Mohammad Ali Road:- This place famous for street food. if you want some hearty no- vegetarian food then you should visit this place where you can find delicious biryani, Nalli nihari, Keema, Shawarma, Keema. Some of the most try dessert-like Jalebi, Mawa. Here best time to visit Ramadan

Place:- Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai

Timings :- 11am to 10pm

4.Juhu Beach:- if you want to visit Mumbai best street food then you should visit Juhu Beach where you can find all the famous street food variety at one place like Vada Pav, Sev Puri, Coconut Water, Falooda You must try Falooda which served with sea salt and masala.

Place:- Juhu, Mumbai

Timings:- The best time to visit is at sunrise and sunset

5. Gateway of India:- it is the iconic monument of India. The construction started in 1911 and was finished 13 years later. it is a huge architecture. Do Make sure to carry your camera when you visit this place

Place:- Apollo Bandar, Colaba

Timings:- All-day

6. Taj Mahal Hotel:- The Mumbai trip is incomplete without visiting this elegant hotel. This hotel builds by Mr. JN tata. the Taj Mahal hotel another Mumbai structure.

Place Apollo Bandar, Colaba

7.Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus:- The Chhatrapati Shivaji train station also known a victoria terminus and sees thousands of people every day.

Place:- Fort, Mumbai

Timings:- 24 hours

8. Jehangir Art Gallery:- Jahangir art gallery was found in 1952 and the four halls also included photographs. This Gallery showcased the work of MF Hussain. Visit this art gallery to see the art of this city.

Place: Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

Timings:- 11 am to 7 pm All Day Open

9.Bandstand:- Bandstand is the most visited place of Mumbai. Most of the Bollywood stars call this area. if you are lucky you can spot Salman khan or Shahrukh khan here. there area few eating stalls as well a Bollywood walk.

Place:- Bandra

Timings:- All-day

10.Slum Tours:- Most of the tourists are interested to visit slum tours.Europeans who have heard about Dharavi.Its take 3- Hours to visit slums area people came here and see good and bad thi8ngs about life.

Place:- Dharavi

Timings:- All Day

11.Bollywood Tours:-The Mumbai capital is Bollywood. Mumbai is the home of many Bollywood studios and Bollywood can head about different locations or watch a shoot and see the houses of stars such as Amitabh Bachchan and shah rukh khan.

Place:- All over Mumbai

Timings:- All Day Long

12.Worli Seaface:- Mumbai is also famous for sea face locations and if you also like to watch the sunset then you should visit Worli sea face area. where many people came to enjoy the natural scenery. Many couples and families making use of the wide and smooth pathway. is a great place to watch the city go by and to marvel at the sunset.

Place:- Worli

Timings:- All-day

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