Thanks for all the support on my first attempt at blogging! I truly appreciated it, and am so inspired that I’ve decided to take another stab at jotting down some thoughts today! On yesterday’s post, Andrei (an old friend of mine) left a comment that has stuck with me all day.

“I understand this goes outside the topic of quarantine, but since you mentioned it, what are your thoughts on the ethics of contact tracing through smartphones as proposed currently? Am curious about your take.”


For context, it was recently reported that Apple and Google have been working on a…

Musings on “Quarantine”

Though the coronavirus has not yet confined us to our homes (unlike in Italy and China), it has had the effect of reducing the “distractions” (read: diversions and responsibilities) associated with daily life. With some extra time to write, I’ve decided to start a blog! I don’t anticipate complete consistency (no promised daily posts here!) but I hope to share some of the thoughts that come to me on walks, in the shower, and while I browse Twitter for the umpteenth time through this Medium.

On today’s evening stroll with Zaylie (our Labradoodle), I thought about the…

Avi Gupta

Columbia student, Jeopardy! champion, dog big brother, basketball player

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