Animations vs Visual Effects (VFX)

We are aware of the modern day animation techniques that are used in movies and advertisements to create real like visuals which are difficult to identify whether it’s really animated or is that for real. The visuals that we see are usually a mixture of Animations and VFX. But do we know the exact difference between these two terms? In a layman’s language the two terms might sound similar but in reality, there’s a little difference between the two terms. Let’s take a small dip into what exactly both the words stand for.


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Many good animation companies in Delhi NCR use the technique in which a set of images is used to create motion effects by the rapid movement of images in a sequence. These can be saved in various devices and formats. It can be in the form of flip books, movies and videotapes. It can also be stored in digital video or flash Animations.

The origin of Animations is connected to around 5000 years ago where the archaeologists have found a series of painting suggesting a Desert Ibex jumping towards the leaves from a tree.

Types of Animations.

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Traditional Animation- It is the method in which images are painted on the white acetate sheets called cells and their photos are taken against a plain background. It is taken frame by frame and each frame is slightly different. This technique was used in the early 20th century in motion pictures.

Stop Motion Animation- It is a technique in which the real. World objects are used and moved rapidly to create the illusionary effect of motion. It is also a photography based animation. There are different kinds of animation under this category which have a different name according to the object used. It is a cheaper method of animation but it is very time-consuming at the same time and has become an old technique now.

Computer Animation- The 2d/3d animation production studios in India create animations using computers and software, these graphics come under the category of computer animation. It is also sub-divided into two broad categories.

2D animation — It involves the manipulation of the images and 2D vector graphics. It is a picture of various techniques like traditional animations, onion skinning, interpolated morphing and otoscopy.

3D animation — It is the technique of using three-dimensional graphics through computers and using these graphics to make rapid movements to create motion effects.


It is the category of Animation in which the computer generated 3D Animations and graphics are used and combined with real video shots in order to create a real-life feel. Some of the best VFX studios in India are widely using it in movies and televisions these days. It is used in order to achieve visuals are either too expensive or are almost impossible to achieve in real life. It is the most demanded genre of Animations in today’s world. It is one of the crucial parts in the production of a movie these days and it requires accurate pre-planning before the start of the production of a movie.

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Types of VFX

Matte painting — It is a kind of animation in which there are different kinds of animations and objects and are combined together through editing to make create a single desired imagery.

The live action affects — This is the process by which the actors are spotted in a movie’s scene using blue and green screening in order to combine the live shots with the animated graphics in order to create some realistic animation Delhi NCR, India.

Digital Animations — it is a mixture of techniques like digital sets and backgrounds of a movie, otoscopy, particle effects and composting. It involves the usage of 3D Animation software for addition or removal of images or visuals from a film.

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Both animations and VFX have originated from the same roots but have acquired different levels. The animation is kind of traditional and old school while VFX has advanced is growing day by day, we can see better and better VFX in the movies with the changing times. So, next time you choose between VFX and Animations you have a clear idea about what they both stand for and which one can solve your purpose. CITRUS INC STUDIOS is known to be one of the finest motion graphics companies in India which can help you out in solving all your Animations related queries.