Thank You

This year I’ve been thinking about Thanksgiving. The reason for that is that for the first time ever, I have a job that gives off for Thanksgiving. #notcomplaining

Rosh Hoshana and Yom Kippur give us the opportunity to thank Hashem for the past and upcoming year.

What we don’t have officially in the Jewish calendar is a day to thank the people in our lives. We shouldn’t need such a day. We should be makir tov to all the people in our lives on a regular basis. We don’t (at least, I don’t), so I’m going to do that this Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving I’m going to try and call as many people as I can and thank them. If you didn’t get a call from me, consider this my thanks.

Another reason you may be receiving this instead of a phone call is because I can’t thank you without crying. I’m that kind of person and it’s been that kind of year.

Thank You

Thank you

For being my friend

And for being like family

For being my family

And for being like my friend

For keeping me sane

And for driving me insane

For supporting me

And for bringing me down (when necessary)

For reminding me of what’s important

And for showing me what’s important

For not always letting me be so serious

And for occasionally forcing me to be serious

For driving me to be better

And for accepting me as I am

For letting me laugh

And for letting me cry

For making me laugh

And for making me cry

For believing in me

And for being so easy to believe in

For helping me

And for making me help myself

For being open-minded

And for not always being open-minded

For messaging me

And for calling me

And for visiting me

For all you did

And for all you do

And for all you will do

For being in my life

And for letting me into yours

For loving me

And for letting me love you

Thank you.