The Human Parts Open Thread: Apologize to Yourself
Human Parts

Dear Me — Love, Your Biggest Road Block

I’m sorry for making you think that you are not deserving of this life,
At the age of ten.
When you removed the word “want” from your vocabulary,
Because you believed you weren’t worthy of desire.

For telling you that you should date that boy,
Even if he lied to you,
And let his hands linger over your thirteen year old body,
Because who were you to demand better.

I’m sorry for all the nights I kept you up,
Thinking you would never amount to your own standards of success,
While you paced the kitchen floor,
At sixteen.

And now,
When I let you lie about your intended college major,
Whenever anyone asks,
Because you know they will all roll their eyes.
Besides, I’ve always said you couldn’t make it,
As a writer anyways.

I’m sorry for getting in the way of your potential,
And happiness.
I should probably get out of your way,
Let you carry on,
Without my added weight.

Just show me the way out.

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