Hidden Danger !!! Are we leaving water for our future generation???

Water, known as the alternative name of life. It has brought life, helping us to remain alive. Now people already started saying that water decide the economics, growth and the peace of the country. However, do we really value this super powerful entity? Do we really know about this well-defined fluid? Do we really see it properly? Do we really know, what will happen if we do not have it? Thousands of question will arise in our mind if we think carefully about it. Here, my question to all of you, “ are we really concern about it?”.

If I ask you what is water? Most of the well-educated people will say, it is a liquid that flows, mostly transparent and helps us to bring down our thirst. Is this all about it? Don’t we have water in the forms of something else? Yes, we do have. Most of the vegetable contains 90% pure water. Air is a huge source of water. But we do not consider it as water. But why? This is known as lack of vision. Our mind is such a material that it cannot see or imagine what we do not observe or feel. And here lies the biggest problem. In the process of thinking about profit, we only follow others in every sense. We do not value the person who thinks differently, mostly ignoring them. This is not only happening at present; it is going on from the past. Many scientists were the victim of this. But now, we are seeing how much advanced they were. How much sensible they were in their thinking.

Someone might think how these things are related to water? How can vision be related to water? Yes, these are hugely related to water. Let me explain. If we think about energy, 20 years ago people used to say fossil fuel is only source of energy. But, if I ask the same question now, at 2017, will it be the same answer? I do not think so. As we know, we have wind energy, solar energy. Do you think about how and why these things evolved and came to our daily life? It is the vision and value of the thing (energy) which drive research and make them available to every common people. In the initial stage, when these alternative energy sources were born in a small scientific laboratory, people used to say, “This is damn costly. How common people will afford it?” But, with time, thousand of hours of research across the world gave this wonderful gift to our society. Now for this, we are building new technology because we know without this we cannot live. In one sentence, this revolution happened because of someone’s vision and the value towards energy. Now the question is, do we give the same value for water?

At present, groundwater and the seawater is the main source of water. Though we know that the groundwater is not enough and it is going to finish soon, seeing the huge sea water, we are not concerned about the future water resource. Unfortunately, though technologies are available to desalinate the sea water, after decades of research also these are not adequate and affordable. This means, we really need to find other alternative sources of water keeping in mind about climate change and global warming.

We need to think today so that we can start tomorrow and give some water to our next generation. We need to think beyond the profit. Industries, who are the biggest consumers of water, need to help to initiate the revolution.

Time to find the hidden water else hidden danger will grab us very fast.