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Family Visa

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Bring your family to Australia on a dependent family visa. Whether you have a child or spouse living abroad whom you want to join you or you are coming to work or study temporarily in Australia — your family is eligible for a dependent visa. And with Apex Visas’ expert guidance, migrating will not be much of a difficulty.

Child Visa

Children of Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens may immigrate to Australia to join their parents. Only children under the age of 25 are eligible. These children may become Australian permanent residents on the Child Visa (Subclass 101).

The parent sponsor must promise to be responsible for the child. He must promise to provide financial support, including accommodation, for at least the first two years of the child’s stay in Australia.

Stepchildren and adopted children are also eligible for a Child Visa (Subclass 101).

Dependent Student Visa

If you are coming to Australia to study, you may bring your dependant family members with you. You can either include them on your original student visa application or you can apply for them to join you after you have started your course in Australia. Spouses, partners and unmarried children under the age of 18 are eligible for dependent visas.

If you are including your dependent family members in your original student visa application, then you must include all members of your family on your original Form 157A, Application for a student visa.

If you are applying for family members to join you after you have started your course, then you must submit the following documents:

  • Form 919, Nomination of student dependants;
  • Form 157A, Application for a student visa;
  • A letter from one your teachers stating:
  • The course you are studying,The length of the course and your expected completion date, andIf you are satisfying all the course requirements;
  • Evidence that you can financially support your dependent family members;
  • Evidence of family ties such as marriage certificate or birth certificate;
  • Evidence of school enrolment of school-aged children; and
  • Evidence of health insurance for dependants.

Apex Visas hold an expertise in the immigration domain. We handle all the overheads concerned with the paper work and guide you towards an immigration option that suits the best to your needs. With our prowess, we will handle all your queries and make your application process smooth.

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