Exactly two days ago, a bird shat on me while I was driving my two-wheeler home. And this got me thinking.

Why would a bird shit on me when I was returning home? What is the challenge here? Once I reach home, I would simply change my clothes and forget about the incident. …

When the award-winning Spanish film-maker, Luis Buñuel, known for his contribution to the surrealist movement of the 1920s, made his 25th film — The Exterminating Angel — little did he know he had captured the psyche of a lockdown that’ll manifest in reality several decades later. …

The world is in an extraordinary situation right now and we’re all grappling with it. We don’t have prior experience with social distancing, and obviously, it’s tough-going despite being digitally connected. 😷

One of the comparatively lesser challenges (but nonetheless a challenge) some of us are facing is working from home. While it’s comforting to work within the confines of your home occasionally, doing so now amidst a global crisis is quite depressing. Most colleagues I’ve been speaking to have shared their frustration over this situation. I, myself, hated the first two days confined at home.

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Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

But thankfully, on the third day, I made a few changes to my approach, and I find working from home a much better experience now. Here’s what I did and I think you should too…

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