If you think JIO is against net neutrality, then you have another thing coming my friend.

Sorry for my poor English skills that led to mixing you about net neutrality and JIO. My intention was only to showcase the regulatory organisation TRAI , which is intended to protect and promote the interests of ISP and consumer. When people are glorifying the TRAI’s stand in Net Neutrality, no one sees how it take biased stands in the case of JIO. As far as I know, the rule books say promotional free offers should be given only for 90 days. But JIO has been giving the free offer for200 days now. TRAI has not taken any serious action on it. In long run, don’t you think this will lead to something similar to what facebook and whatsapp introduced by Free internet ? Don’t you think that, soon the industry will become something similar to facebook and google, with only fewer options?. Let’s see :)

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