Why you will fail to be consistent at gym

These are the reasons why you will fail to be consistent at the gym

1.Instant results- all of us are looking for instant results.Pick up any health related magazine and you will see articles like”loose belly fat in 30 days”or”get aabs fast”and so on.When people do not see results they quit. According to me the tougher the better otherwise everyone would be flaunting their 6 pack aabs and it would cease to be special anymore.

2.Your “why”- for example you ask anyone “would you like a more clean and green planet” they would say “yes why not” but they would not contribute to make it happen.Similarly you just kind of want it but you do not want it bad enough.

3.Your take on motivation- Your body will take time to show results. Gymming is a long process .Motivation is something that can get you started but you have to use that motivation to form a habit as soon as possible.Motivation cannot keep you going for long.Only habits can ensure that you are consistent.

4.First step is the most difficult- A runner who goes for a jog in the morning takes hundreads of steps to cover those kilometres but the most difficult step for him is the first step out of his bed.Starting is always the toughest. The things will not get easier only you will grow stronger.

5.Plan- It cannot be put more simply “failing to plan is planning to fail”.If you go to gym and then decide what you do or you go through your day eating whatever crosses your path then one cannot be expected to make significant gains.

I will conclude by saying that to get something that nobody has you have to do something that nobody is doing.Actually you do not “take out” time for gym you “make time” for gym..

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