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Web Hosting is a service that provides technology to enable visibility of a website on the internet. These services are provided by Web host. Web host are companies with large computers (called servers due to their large data processing capability) connected with internet.

Therefore web hosting is powered by internet. It allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible from all over the world on the click of a button.

What is Host?

A Web host is an organization that sells or leases memory space on its servers. …

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Most people who look for free hosting are just starting their online journey. If you want to learn about online business and want to try out things before you start investing big money then free web hosting is what you essentially need. Which is of course the most logical thing to do. Not sure if you know Free hosting sites? Not a worry this blog will help you choose one.

For instance, a friend of mine — Amit has heard a lot about the internet & online businesses and wants to understand all about it. …

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Businesses always look for credible ways to share information. Any communication aims to get an advantage in the marketplace. Credibility comes from one on one relationship. Businesses achieve this with public relations via Press Releases.

Press releases are one of the earliest forms of business to consumer communication.

For almost 100 years, it was a way to pass on authentic business information. Thus, it became a major part of organizational and brand communication strategy.

But, a lot has changed in last decade with the evolution of digital media.

Today digital tools enable easy two-way communication. Businesses leverage websites…

Difference between Sales & Marketing has been a widely discussed topic for ages. However, both the functions are critical for the long and short term success of any business. Both the function drive ROI for a business and depends on each other for the overall success of an organisation. However, the way both the functions achieve organisational goals are different. - Marketing starts with a Consumer. | Sales starts with a Product. - Marketing helps an organisation understand what a consumer needs. | Sales helps an organisation understand how to sell a product to a consumer. Marketing helps an organisation…

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The focus of marketing is slowly shifting towards digital. However, is there a merit in discussing Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing or the convergence of the two?

We are seeing changes in underlying technologies in both hardware and software that are advancing us from the Information Age to the Intelligence Age.(1)

The above statement from Interaction 2017 report says a lot. It is not about Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing, but about the convergence of the two. To be successful, a marketer needs to leverage the two to build their value proposition and consumer experience.

It is all about consumer and meeting their expectations

As a marketer…

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CONTEST : Win a Copy of the NewYork Times BestSeller — THE 100$ STARTUP

Earn Money Online — without leaving the comfort of your home.

Well. How many times have you read that?

Every time I go to a news site or even a blog I see countless blogs/ads talking about the same. So I did the unthinkable.

I decided to click on all such ads and find out if there is indeed such a thing as earn money online.

Not everybody wants to go out and get a second job that can pay well. In fact most…

Avinash Chandra

CEO, BrandLoom ($1m Startup). Digital Marketing Wizard.

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