What is the Difference between Sales & Marketing?

Avinash Chandra
Sep 16, 2017 · 2 min read

Difference between Sales & Marketing has been a widely discussed topic for ages.
However, both the functions are critical for the long and short term success of any business.
Both the function drive ROI for a business and depends on each other for the overall success of an organisation.
However, the way both the functions achieve organisational goals are different.
- Marketing starts with a Consumer. | Sales starts with a Product.
- Marketing helps an organisation understand what a consumer needs. | Sales helps an organisation understand how to sell a product to a consumer.
Marketing helps an organisation develop a product that fits its consumer needs. | Sales helps an organisation get a customer who will buy an existing product.
- Marketing helps an organisation generate interest for its product among its consumers. | Sales helps an organisation convert prospects into a paying customers.
- Horizon of Marketing function is Long Term | Horizon of a Sales function is short term.
- Marketing is a Pull Strategy. | Sales in a Push Strategy.
- Relationship of marketing function with consumer is informational. | Relationship of Sales function with consumer is generally Transactional.
- Marketing is generally one to many. | Sales is generally one to one.
- Typical marketing activities are Brand Strategy, Consumer research, product development, Advertising, pricing. | Typical sales activities are Distribution, retailing, one -one customer interaction, objection handling, product delivery.
I hope the above is clear and helps you understand the difference between sales and marketing.
The bottom-line is: Both Sales and Marketing are critical function. One can not survive without the other.

Avinash Chandra

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