How I Made $333 Selling an eBook
Megan E. Holstein

Hey Megan,

Gotta say that seeing your revenue numbers is a little heart-breaking.

What I can definitely say is that you need to work on your copy a fair bit. It’s adequate for sure but not good enough to get you those 5 figure sales numbers. To be specific, there’s no hook. It tells me what but not why I absolutely, must buy the book.

I think you’ve knocked off the standalone website? Don’t. You can’t hope to do this from your blog. If you want a distinct brand, make it so.

Without doing a deep dive, your email marketing strategy looks a little weak. And that explains your conversion rate. To be fair though, you shouldn’t expect final conversion rates of more than single-digit percentages. Open rates on a decently sized list won’t usually run over 50–60%. CTR will be 50% of that, optimistically. Final conversion…yeah, you can see where I’m headed.

Lastly, don’t be disheartened. Way too soon for that. :-)

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